February 22

3 Critical Elements You Need In A Logo Design: Logo Design Vlog

"3 Critical Elements You Need In A Logo Design." The following video blog or design vlog featured 3 key points needed in a impactful logo design. In the 2-3 minute video I share with examples of unforgettable logos and why they are unforgettable.

3 Critical Elements You Need In A Logo Design: Logo Design Vlog

The transcript for the design vlog.

What is the true meaning and significance of
A logo design?
What do you need to have a great logo design
To represent your business,
Your brand, and your product?

I am going to give you three reasons why
A logo design is so important for a
Business or a product.

I'm sure you've heard that first impressions
Matter or the first impression you make
On someone is what they will remember.

That's what we'll have a lasting impact
On how they recall what you had to offer,
Who you were and what your business

Having a great local design gives a
Sense of presentation,
Professional quality and where you are
Going to take your customer or viewers.

It is the first thing they notice
The color scheme,
How it makes them feel.

How it makes them feel.

How... The emotion that
They have that the design gave them and
Allowed them to experience.

Your logo design
Can also reflect your brand's mission,
Your purpose, and the messages you wish
To convey to your audience.

The second critical reason,
Your local design needs to be great and
Memorable is that it will become eventually
The icon, the symbol, the banner that
Your fan,
The fans of your product will remember,
Will recall that will pop up to mind
When they're talking to a friend or
Family about the specific type of service
Or business that you have.

Lastly, your logo can become a mental imprint.
Some brands have logos that are very
Complex and hard to visualize mentally while
Others, if you close your eyes,
You can see them clearly.
That's the power of a great logo design
For example,
Apple... Nike.

When you think of the nba logo,
It's easy to process them.

But I'm going to give you something that's
Even more complex to picture. The bp logo
British petroleum the green. Lime.

You can recall the colors, but can you
Recall the exact pattern that the logo
Was designed in and it's a beautiful logo
But it doesn't have the same impact as
The apple, nike, and the nba logo,
Which are very minimalistic.

You don't have to be a great artist to
Be able to draw these logos.

If you're a decent at sketching and
You can easily draw them.

Your logo should be well done.
It should be professional,
It should be memorable and it shouldn't come
Across as cheesy.

That's all I wanted to share with you.
I would love to know which company or brand
That you have an affinity for
And that you can recall their logo whenever
You think about a certain industry leave
A comment down below.

I want to know.

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