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The following are a collection of gaming shirts design concepts I've created. The first set of designs were created for two different youth/kid YouTube gamer brands.

The designs for Just Gaby Gaming and Jay's Xtreme Gaming presently are only available in kid sizes, but they will have adult sizes added to their stores. Follow their YouTube for announcements on when they will release the gamer merchandise for adults.

Creating the illustrations and designs for each brand require art direction. As you go through this page you will get to see the variety in styles for the brands and designs that fit their identity.

Jay's Xtreme Gaming and Just Gaby Gaming are two kid and teen brands I will be sharing through this post along with designs from my personal art brand.

The last set of 3 designs share on this page will be shirts I've designed, they come in sizes for kids and adults (the Kenal Louis shirts).

Below you will also find the links to the corresponding t-shirt stores where you can purchase any of the shirts shared. Throughout the post you will find some insights also put together on the benefits gaming can have on a person.

Gaming Shirts Design Set No.1 - Jay's Xtreme Gaming Brand

Jay's Xtreme Gaming was created by a gameplay YouTuber named Jayden. His YouTube channel consists of gameplay posts for video games like Fornite, Minecraft, WWE 2K19, and more.

At 12 years old Jayden begin his channel and aspires to make a name for himself in the Fortnite universe.

His persona when gaming is quite entertaining and guaranteed to give you a laugh because of some of the statements he makes during his commentating and narrations.

His videos feature commentary which are quite humorous at times and very engaging. Jay never posts gameplay videos that aren't fun. His brand colors are vibrant, energetic, bold, brave and dynamic.

Jays Xtreme Gaming

Gaming Shirt: Gaming Elements

Gaming Shirt - Gaming Elements
Gaming Elements

Gaming Shirt: Multicolor Game Controller

Multicolor Game Controller
Gaming Shirt - Multicolor Game Controller

Gaming Shirt designs for Jay's Xtreme Gaming

Gaming Shirts Design - Cool Gaming Designs Created For Gamers

Gaming Shirts Design Set No.2 - Just Gaby Gaming Brand

Just Gaby Gaming was created by a YouTuber named Gaby a girl gamer who also is related to Jayden. Her YouTube channel as of the time this is being written primarily focused on Roblox.

She is a 9 year old starting her own adventure to become a top gamer on YouTube for Roblox.

Her creative talent can be viewed on display when one watch her Roblox videos where she builds houses from scratch. Amazingly creative in her own right. 

Just Gaby Gaming

Gaming Shirt: Dual Gaming Panda

Gaming T Shirt - Dual Gaming Panda
Gaming T Shirt - Dual Gaming Panda Shirt

Gaming Shirt: Tricolor Panda

Gaming T Shirt - Tricolor Panda Design
Gaming T Shirt - Tricolor Panda Contour
Gaming T Shirt - Tricolor Panda

Gaming Shirt designs for Just gaby gaming

Gaming Shirts - Cute Gaming Designs Created For Gamers
Benefits of Gaming

Benefits of Gaming

Physical problems? Increased aggression? Many people assume that playing video games can only bring negative physical and mental effects to an individual. However, believe it or not, video games come with a number of benefits.

Since the days of Space Invaders or Pong, the argument as to whether gaming is good or bad has been going. Some say that video games can hinder your ability to learn, while others believe that it can lead to violence.

Whether gaming is your hobby or diversion and entertainment, or you simply love playing video games, there’s good news for you. Many researchers have discovered that gaming can offer you positive effects.

Video games can be beneficial in different aspects of your daily life, such as social, physiological, and mental. Contrary to what many people believe, these games can increase social activities, promote healthy living, and more.

You will discover what the benefits of gaming are in this post. So, before you start playing on your couch, let’s start!

Key Benefits of Playing Video Games 

If you added an Xbox 360, PlayStation, or Wii to your home, then you are not alone. Based on the survey conducted by Nielsen, 54% of the US households own a handheld system or a video game console.

Before you worry about hearing horrible crimes blamed on video games or stop your kids from developing a passion for these games, new research will give you a sigh of relief that it’s clear that video games are beneficial.

The following are the key benefits of playing video games. Check them out before getting your console!

Enhances Ability to Learn 

Does anyone ever tell you that video games could make you a poor performer at school?

Researchers conducted a study that is done at Queen Mary University in London and University College London and found out that particular games can enhance the flexibility of the brain.

This study was participated by 72 volunteers who played two different games for about 40 hours over 6-8 weeks. The games were The Sims, which is a slow life-simulation game, and Starcraft, which is a fast real-time strategy game.

Since Starcraft requires constant player input and thinking, those who played it have boosted their cognitive flexibility. In other words, fast-paced games can help you become a better learner while getting entertained.

Promotes Less Antisocial Behavior and Stronger Relationships 

Most people think that video games are associated with antisocial behavior.

Even if their plenty of players who choose to stay in a room, it does not necessarily mean that all gamers have issues in making friends or socializing in public.

Researchers from Canada and the UK conducted a study to determine how antisocial behavior is among gamers. They have discovered that gamers are highly social people rather than antisocial basement-dwellers. Gamers who joined the live social environments were the most friendly and communicative people there.

Meanwhile, gamers who play some time with strangers have developed a little friendship. Because of their matching interest in games, they formed a stronger relationship. They would plan game time or collaborate with other players.

Helps Treat Depression 

Researchers from New Zealand sought wanted to know if video games can possibly be used to treat mental health issues like depression.

The used the game called “SPARX”, which is designed to provide a more enjoyable and active counseling to teenagers. About 168 teenagers who volunteered to the study have shown previous signs of depression.

Half of the teenagers received traditional counseling, while others played the SPARX. This game lets them create avatars to get rid of the enemies, which represents sadness and other negative thoughts. In every stage of the game, players will get general facts about depression and ways to deal with negative thoughts and relax.

Teenagers who played video games did better at recovering from depression than the group who received the traditional method of counseling.

Burns Calories 

Video games can help you keep an active lifestyle and stay fit. This was especially when Nintendo introduced the Wii system, which involved motion control gaming. You can even find active games like Wii Fit and Wii Sport in retirement homes and hospitals.

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center performed a test with a purpose of knowing how much better active video games are than to activities like Internet browsing and watching TV.

The tests were participated by kids aged 10-13 and measured the energy expenditure, self-reported exertion, and heart rates. The participants performed three activities, such as playing motion-control games, walking on the treadmill, and watching TV.

The researchers discovered that playing active video games was as beneficial as walking on the treadmill at a speed of 3.5mph.

Slows Down Aging

The time will come that every one of us will get old. As people age, they become wiser. However, getting older is already associated with natural problems, from physical to cognitive abilities.

Researchers at the University of Iowa sought to show that playing video games can slow down the process of aging.

The study was had 681 participants who are healthy and aged 50 and above. They play a certain video game for 10 hours for 5-10 weeks.

Such a study has shown that it takes only 10 hours to slow down the process of aging by several years. By performing tasks that require exercise for the mind like video games, you can keep your mind sharper.

Video games can open up new pathways of thought and train your brain while keeping it a honed edge.

Positive Effects of Gaming

12 Positive Effects of Gaming 

Video games have positive effects. They do have positive effects. Games like Wii Fit is known to promote an active lifestyle, while games like Splinter Cell and Call of Duty can forge bonds and friendships that will last for years.

Are you curious about the positive effects of gaming? If yes, keep reading!

Improves Problem-solving Capabilities 

Since video games involve rules, you need to think carefully before making a move. That way, you can keep up with the required game rules. Besides, you have to make split-second decisions that determine if you will advance to the next level or not.

Enhances Coordination 

When you are playing a video game, you are not only staring at the screen inactively. All the actions and activities you do in front of your screen require a lot of mental stimulation. In order for you to play effectively or competitively, you need to coordinate your physical, audial, and visual movements.

Enriches Concentration and Attention 

Video action games have proven to capture your attention during the entire game. That is because you want to achieve certain objectives and goals. You also want to progress to the next game level. So, focus!

Promotes Multitasking 

You want to play an action game, for instance, and it requires you to be very observant. This game needed you to move the keys or joysticks while keeping an eye to the different features such as ammunition left, oncoming adversaries, available time, energy levels that are critical to winning. While you are doing multitasking, you can be sure that you reacted accordingly and observed all the game requirements.

Refines the Brain’s Speed 

During gaming time, your brain receives multiple stimulations, such as audio and visual. Based on a research, people who frequently play video games can process both the stimulators faster compared to individuals who do not play. These simulators make sure that your brain will continuously work to interpret them.

Improves Memory

Both audio and visual memory is necessary for playing video games. You need to listen or read the instructions at the beginning of the game and remember them throughout the whole game. This ensures that each of your game decisions or moves is in accordance to the given rules and prevents any mistake.

Once you mastered the keys of your keyboards, it’s a lot easier for you to move the character in the game. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, this will help improve your memory.

Helps Overcome Dyslexia 

The key component of dyslexia is attention difficulties. One study has shown that people with this condition have improved their reading comprehension after sessions of video games that are heavy on action. The researchers believe that video games helped in a way that they require intense focus due to the constantly changing environment.

Improves Vision 

Some gamer kids grew up hearing from their parents that they are going to blind if they watch the screen all day. Parents had a point for a while since gaming may require you to blink much less frequently, and this could lead to dry eye syndrome and eyestrain.

Besides, you may also recall that your parents used to stop you from sitting too close to the TV because it might damage your eyesight.

A study in 2009 involved a group of first-person shooters gamers played Unreal Tournament 2004 and Call of Duty, and the other group of casual players played sow games. Those who played first-person shooter games had a better vision than those who played slow games.

The leader of this study had discovered that video action games could improve contrast sensitivity function. With this ability, you can discern between a colored backdrop against shades of gray. This ability is helpful while driving at night.

Produces Better Leaders 

Some video games encourage and reward leadership traits. Researchers have noted that by playing games, people can show a correlating motivation in the real-word goals, especially in the career facets. As gamers improve their gaming performances, they can translate them into creating better decisions when a crisis in the workplace crops up.

Helps Ease Pain 

While gaming, you can distract yourself from pain by paying attention to the game. Other than being an effective post-injury prescription, playing video games is known to produce an analgesic response in your higher cortical system.

Curbs Cravings 

You can be anxious about indulgence on drinking, overeating, or smoking. Instead of focusing your attention to your cravings, your concentration will be on the game. So, this helps in controlling your cravings for a certain thing. One study revealed that participants gained a 24% reduction in the desire of their vices after playing video games like puzzle games.

Improves Balance Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients 

Multiple Sclerosis is a disorder that affects multiple nerves, so people suffering from this condition have balancing problems, and there is no yet medication proven to help. One study had shown that multiple sclerosis patients who played video games that require physical interaction while standing on the balance board deliver impressive improvements afterward.

How Too Much Video Gaming Could Lead to Signs of Addiction 

Video game addiction refers to the uncontrolled or compulsive use of video games that already causes problems in a different area of a person’s life. This type of addiction has been an increasing concern for many parents since video games often target children.

How to Know If Someone Is Addicted to Video Games 

In the same way as other addictions, it is important to not only consider the amount of time spent on gaming.

The function that serves the individual must be considered as well. This will help in determining as to whether video game playing indicates an addiction.

Once gaming became addictive, it will take over the main way of coping with the life of an individual. As a result, other areas of life are being disrupted or neglected.

In other words, gamers have compulsive use of video games notwithstanding its negative consequences.

This addiction is most commonly seen in gamers of the Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) or persistent multiplayer gaming universe.

These games offer a number of attractions for the games, especially that they happen in real-time and are social, competitive, and interactive.

One research has shown that MMORPGs are more addictive compared to other video games. As a result, they come with greater negative effects on physical health, academic performance, and sleep habits.

Video Game Addiction

Video Game Addiction | Photo Credit:

Signs of Video Game Addiction 

According to research studies, 1%-16% of people playing video games meet the criteria for addiction.

There are several signs of video game addictions. These signs include changes in mood and behavior, such as withdrawal when not playing or ignoring activities that gamers previously enjoyed. They also decline performance at work, in school, or they lose control over the time spent in gaming.

Signs of Video Game Addiction

Signs of Video Game Addiction | Photo Credit:

Staying Healthy While Gaming

When it comes to playing video games, you will find no reason why you cannot combine gaming with a healthy lifestyle.

Most people see playing video games as not a good way to stay fit and healthy. However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot do both.

Below are simple ways on how you can stay healthy while gaming:

Practice 20-20-20 Rule  

When it fronts on the screen, you might often forget to blink. This activity can dry your eyes and even leas to long-term damage. To avoid this eye problem, you can make the 20-20-20 rule. Try to look at a certain object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Take A Break 

Depending on how you play, or how hard the game is, taking a break in between is a good habit. For example, you can have a few minutes of roaming around your space. This will help you recuperate and exercise your muscles.

Do Some Stretching 

While taking a break, you can do some stretching. Mind that during long hours of gaming sessions, your legs, lower back, arms, and shoulders can get all tight. Make sure to do stretches that target these areas of your body. A simple arm stretch can already deliver long-term benefits.

Practice Good Posture 

With good posture, you will not only look professional but also keep you healthy. You can invest in a decent, sturdy chair where you can fit upright. You also need to ensure that the chair offers a good back support.

Get Some Fresh Air

While gaming, make sure that your window is left open. It may not refresh your air, but rest assured that it will brighten up your space. You can also have a quick stroll outside while taking a break.

Eat Right and Get Proper Sleep 

Exercise alone is not the only way to stay healthy while gaming. Even you are enjoying the game. This does not mean that you will skip a meal. As you play video games, you need to observe proper nutrition.

Aside from eating a balanced diet, you also need to get proper sleep. The light emitted by the video games can disrupt the circadian rhythm of your body. So, it would be hard for you to fall asleep. The best thing you can do is simply turn off your computer or gadgets for a couple of hours before bedtime.

Final Thoughts 

So yes, playing video games actually bring benefits to different facets of your life. However, anything in excess is not good. This means that you need to still play in moderation. Don't get completely lost in the world of gaming.

No matter what your reason for gaming is, make sure to keep everything in balance. This will help you reap all the benefits of playing games. Make sure to play responsibly. Happy gaming!

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