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Logo Design Portfolio

Logo Design Portfolio | Graphic Design Logo Portfolio

The following logo design portfolio are works created I've created for clients over the past years from a wide range of industries.

Take a look through the designs and if you are convinced I am the designer you want to create the logo design for your brand, then reach out through the contact page or the form below to schedule a callback.

Towards the bottom of the page you will also find my rates. Thanks for visiting my website and viewing my work.


Brand identity logo development and custom vector logo design based on your business niche, audience psychology, and design preferences. 

  • Personal professional designer working with you one on one. 
  • No templates and clip-art designs
  • No additional charges for revisions with hidden fees.
Logo Design Portfolio

Logo Design Portfolio - Logo Design Projects

Graphic Design Logo Design Portfolio - Custom Logo Portfolio

My Creative Workspace

I am surrounded by creativity and inspiration to be imaginative daily.

Logo Design Portfolio – Creative Logo Designs

Product Logo Design
Logo Design Portfolio

Vector Logo Design vs Raster Logo Design

Vector Logo Design
Raster Logo Design

Logo Design Prices & Rates

Premium Logo Design Package

Brand Logo Development

  • 1 Complete Finished Vector Logo
  • 9-12 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • Any Color Palette
  • Full-color version
  • 2 Greyscale/black and white versions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Exclusive Unlimited Rights
  • Full Ownership Release form
  • 10+ Year Experience Designer
  • Phone call development and brainstorm sessions
  • 15-30 minute Zoom Video Call Screenshare sessions
  • Typeface/Typography (Covers Up to 2+ Font Purchase licenses)
  • PDF Brand Guide Book For Logo Use with Color Codes
  • 5 High Resolution File Formats ( jpg, png, eps, pdf, ai)
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • 21-30 Day Turnaround time for completion

Design Payment Format & Secure Payment Process

Before starting on the design project or any design related project I do require a half-down security deposit. Once the project is completed and the client is satisfied with the final agreed upon design, the remainder of the payment for the design must be paid in full.

Preferred and Secured Payment Method

Paypal Invoicing  (Email Receipts provided)  or Squareup Invoicing (Email Receipts provided)

Logo Design Pricing - Payment Via Paypal

Logo Design Pricing - Payment Via Paypal

Custom Logo Design Rate - Payment Via Squareup

Custom Logo Design Rate - Payment Via Squareup

Alternative 1: CashApp Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

Alternative 2: Zelle Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

Get In Touch To Start On A Project. Fill Out The Form Below For Inquiry or To Schedule A FREE Design Consultation Call.

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example. 888-888-8888

Custom Logo Design Portfolio – Logo Portfolio

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** Please fill out the form on the contact page to schedule a call or for an inquiry. I will respond within 24-48 hours .

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Days: Monday - Friday
Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM CST
Hours: 11 AM - 7 PM ET
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Days: Sunday


Services Offered Nationwide

Available to do a video zoom meeting. Either way you would be working with a reliable designer and creative graphic artist who will give you his best. I believe clear communication and transparency leads to the best project results. My goal is to help my clients bring their visions to life with the use of graphic design.

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Vector Logo Design Portfolio – Creative Graphic Design Logo Portfolio