We help Dallas business owners bring the vision for their brand to life

through a tailored four-step logo design matrix

to launch your authentic brand.

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The 4-Step Brand Defining Logo Design Matrix

Step 1

Personify Brand Vision

The first step is to define your brand's personality and characteristics that you will want to reflect your identity. This will give clarity on the purpose and symbolism you may want your brand to express.

Step 2

Develop Logo Design & Prototype Concepts

We will use the brand defined vision to create 9-12 initial prototype designs, with unlimited revisions until we get to a design you are satisfied with. We will work until you get the design you will "know if when you see it" as the final visual.

Step 3

Create Brand Guide for Logo Use

Once we have the final logo design. Then a brand guide book will be created for future reference on how the logo may be utilized to build consistency for your brand visually. A visual playbook with ideas on how to use the logo.

Step 4

Final Presentation & High-Resolution Files Delivery

The final high-resolution files will be delivered to you in 5 file formats, the brand guide, sign exclusive unlimited rights with complete ownership of the design for registration, trademarking, and copyrighting.

Branding Design Pro was created with a professional graphic design portfolio including 10+ years of experience.

This experience includes a 1-on-1 logo design process tailored for decision-makers who need help bringing their vision to life visually.

Branding Design Pro Team



Studio Designer

Melissa Brown








Web Designer



PR Specialist

Dallas Logo Designer for Hire

Kenal Louis

Branding Design Pro Creator & Logo Designer

There are different approaches to different logos and as a creative designer I put in my best to give my clients a great job. All the logos on this page were each approached differently in the design process so there is a uniqueness to every logo.

Experience in Graphic Design

My logo designs possess has taken me 10 years to refine to where it currently is, created with the brand vision as a complete focus.

This is because I go the extra mile just to make sure that each logo comes out unique. The design process for each logo is done meticulously and quite differently.

Working together with clients I help them refine their brand identity and we create an exceptional logo that will stand the test of time.

Fun Fact About Me

When I am not busy working on design projects for clients, I create digital artworks or traditional line drawings. A lot of which I share on my @Instagram page. I have long been working on my skills be stand out among the best digital artists online.

Branding Pro is the best professional Dallas logo design studio for your brand vision. 

How I Create the Best Brand Designs for Clients


Discover the ultimate secrets to creating the best brand designs in this video that I use to level up design direction and presentations for my clients.

Feature Project Market and Industry: Aircraft, Private Jet

Aircraft Design Model
Private Jet Logo
Aircraft Design Model

Custom Dallas Logo Design: Brand Design Studio

The Creative Workspace

Surrounded by creativity and inspiration to be imaginative daily.

Dallas, Texas | Custom Brand Logo Design Studio

  • 1-ON-1 PROCESS

Branding Design Pro was created with 10+ years of experience in graphic design refining the 1-on-1 process to provide the best value tailoring the logo design process. 

1-On-1 Process With Benefits

When you choose Branding Design Pro to design your custom logo, you will receive complete attention with the communication you deserve as a client.

  1. You Own Unlimited Exclusive Rights To The Designs
  2. Clear and Open Communication 1-on-1 Throughout Process
  3. Quality Designs Composed From My Skills Acquired Over 10 Years
  4. Guide Book With Examples on How To Utilize The Logo
  5. Unlimited Revisions To Explore A Variety of Possibilities
  6. No Hidden or Additional Fees Pertaining To The Logo Project

Premium Logo Design Package Details

Vector Designs: Letter Mark, WordMark, Monogram, Emblem, Illustration

  • 1 Complete Finished Vector Logo
  • 9-12 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • Any Color Palette
  • Full-color version
  • 2 Greyscale/black and white versions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% Exclusive Unlimited Rights of Ownership
  • Signed and Notarized Full Ownership Release form
  • 10+ Year Experience Designer
  • Creative Direction
  • Phone call development and brainstorm sessions as needed
  • 7 Zoom Meetings for Screenshare sessions (15-30 minute Video Calls)
  • Typeface/Typography (Covers Up to 2+ Font Purchase licenses)
  • PDF Brand Guide Book For Logo Use with Color Codes
  • 5 High Resolution File Formats ( svg, png, jpp, pdf, ai)
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • 14-21 Day Turnaround time for completion
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Five Reasons To Hire a Professional Logo Designer

The importance and benefits of having a very good logo cannot be overemphasized and that is why it is very important to hire a professional logo designer before you hire anyone to make sure you check through their former projects and see if they are fit to design your business’s logo. Don’t just hire anyone to make sure the person is a professional.

Here are five major reasons to hire a professional logo designer.

1.    Saves time

As a business owner you already have a lot on your plate and trying to do a logo design all by yourself will only cost you a lot of stress.

All you have to do is hire the services of a professional graphics designer who will save you a lot of stress because he already knows what to do and you can focus on other things.

2.    Creative ideas and solutions

Asides saving your time a logo designer also comes up with creative ideas to help boost the visual aspect of your business. Your creative designer will create a logo and brand your business in a way that makes it visually attractive.

3.    Unique identity and professional branding

With a professional logo and branding, you get a unique identity. Each time you see the letter ‘m’ in a cursive way you can think of McDonald. That is one major thing branding does for you.

Similarly, a professional designer knows what to do to make your brand recognizable, popular and even beat its competitors.

A professional logo designer will study your business before coming up with the branding and he also works on the consistency of your design and this gives you a brand to be recognized with.

Dallas Brand Logo Design
Dallas Brand Designer
Dallas Cannabis Dispensary Logo Design
Dallas Cannabis Logo Design
4.    Achieving your goals

A professional logo designer will help your business reach its potentials. A good designer helps you to reach your target audience, all you have to do is tell him your goals and visions and it is his job to help you come up with visuals that resonate with your goals so as to reach your target audience. The logo designer should be able to use the resources you provided to them in order to create a custom logo from scratch.

5.    Boosts your income

When people can identify with your business brand, it increases your chance of making more money. Well-designed projects will help you generate more traffic and give you strong visibility both online and offline. When people get to know your business and what you do when your income increases.

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