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Looking for the best graphic artist and graphic design Boca Raton designer or graphic design service? My name is Kenal Louis, I am a creative graphic designer who can help you bring your vision to life visually through design and art.

I am an expert digital artist as well as graphic designer with over 8 years doing graphic art, logos, illustrations, photo designs and more. I've worked with clients all over the United States while doing freelance work.

Need a quote for a project? Are you ready to bring your vision to life?

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Logo Design Concepts For Past Client: Visceral Vow

Logo Design Boca Raton

Logo Design Boca Raton


Now that you’ve finally gotten the guts to start that project, you have to face your biggest fear – the design.

Of course, you still do not know how to do it because you didn’t learn but there’s a reason why there are people called freelancers. You would need to hire one or two or maybe a whole community of them to help you out.

But… you have not met these people before so how do you know they would be right for the job? 

Well, we can’t vouch for any of them because we haven’t met them either but we sure can help you out with picking the right ones regardless.

So, before you excitedly dump your project in that designer’s email, here are some important questions to ask a potential graphic designer:

Do you have a portfolio? 

Every serious-minded designer—all artists, in fact—should have a portfolio that exhibits all of their finest works. You can’t just rely on what he/she says and give them the job.

If you trust people’s words that much, then you might as well employ a writer who is learning to design his book cover because he doesn’t want to spend money, to work for you.

Graphic Designer Boca Raton

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Frequently Asked Graphic Design Questions

How long would it take you to work on this? 

You most certainly do not have all the time in the world so you can’t give a large chunk of the little you have to a graphic designer. Let the graphic designer give you a time frame for completing the job and if you are not satisfied with it, then ask for an earlier date otherwise, you can carry on.

What is your price estimate? 

This should rank among your top three questions because if you can’t afford his services, there’s no need wasting his time or yours asking more questions.

How do you come up with ideas? You are not asking this question for him to tell you the software and device he uses. As he answers, take note of his problem-solving process. Does he pay attention to detail? Does he work based on assumptions? Does he ask for explicit details on the brief before taking it on?

You may not know how necessary this question is until you get a delivery that leaves you wondering, “What on earth was he thinking?”

Whose works do you admire? Asking this question would give you an insight into the kinds of concepts he would come up with. A musician that admires Michael Jackson would most likely sing like him; same applies to designers.

Graphic Design Boca Raton Services | Boca Raton Graphic Design Company

  • Logo Identity Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Menu Design
  • Product Labels
  • Product Mock Designs
  • Brochure Design
  • E-Mail Design
  • Poster Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Website Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Magazine Cover Design
  • Advertisement Banner Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • 3D Sculpture Rendering
  • Digital Painting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Album Cover Art & Design
  • Signage
  • Package Design
  • Calendar Design
  • Photo-Retouching
"I can work with you to create a uniformed and captivating collection of visual designs to represent your brand."

Boca Raton Graphic Design | Digital Illustrations and Paintings

What do you expect from me as a client?

He may find this question strange so wait patiently for his answer. Does he expect you to allow him or her to work with their ideas? Or does he/she expect you to criticize their work until you’re satisfied with it?

Do you have any client testimonials? Just like ratings on Google, testimonials say a lot about a designer’s services. However, anybody can forge testimonials so you can’t rely solely on this. That is why seeing the portfolio is mandatory.

Remember, you are not hiring on a relationship basis so do not hold back any questions you have. We are talking about your big project here; you cannot let a simple mistake ruin everything.

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Graphic Design Boca Raton FL
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Non-Disclosure / Privacy

Whenever a client calls me or contact me regarding a project I believe in keeping our discussion private. Non-disclosure forms and ownership agreement forms also are welcome and can be provide to make the process smooth.

Your project I am sure is to remain private until it is actually launched, so I believe in keeping things disclosed as well on my end.

Skype or Face-time Calls Also Available

Although this page specifically is for graphic design in Boca Raton I offer graphic design services all over the United States. It doesn't matter the location as long as you are willing to talk or  email me as a way a communication. I am also available to do Skype or Face-time calls.

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Always available to do a video skype call or video zoom call. Either way you would be working with a reliable graphic designer and creative graphic artist who will give you his best.

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