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I'm Kenal Louis

Brand Identity Design Pro
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Graphic Design Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Graphic Designer | Graphic Design Services

Looking for the best graphic artist and graphic design Fort Lauderdale service? Work with me, Kenal Louis the most qualified graphic designer who can bring your vision to life.

I am an expert digital artist as well as graphic designer with over 8 years doing graphic art, logos, illustrations, photo designs and more.  Although, I have worked with clients all over the United States while doing freelance work. Some of my past clients are located New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston (Like Visceral Vow) see their logo design below.

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Work With Me: Kenal Louis Designer Behind Branding Design Pro

Graphic Designer

Working with me this the visual representation you will get. I am beyond passionate about the art and the designs that I create. Everyday I find a way to create something that is art related. Whether I am drawing, painting, or doing some photo manipulation designs; I find a way to produce creative ideas.

You will only get the most creative designs and captivating work that people will remember when they see it. Offer the past years I've worked with many musicians and small business owners to help with their brand.

From album cover designs, logo designs and even bigger projects like websites; people have trusted me to give them the best artwork to represent them and I did not fail to deliver.

Fort Lauderdale Graphic Designer Artist

Logo Design Concepts For Past Client: Visceral Vow

Fort Lauderdale Logo Designer

Fort Lauderdale Logo Designer


A branding and identity designer has a lot of power in their hand as there is so many importance attached to branding and identity. Any little mistake in creating a brand can cause a lot of damage to the company.

A brand identity designer is a type of graphic designer, they have to have a business sense and the brand designer is in charge of the visual aspect which represents how the company is seen. The job of a graphic designer includes:

1. A creative graphic designer is responsible for the company’s visual image. They can create the company’s logo, tagline, color palette, typography etc. and ensures that they are not outdated but are improved upon from time to time and in accordance with the trends of the market.

2. A brand and identity designer is responsible for researching the marketplace to determine where the product or client fits in, they analyze the company’s brand and that of the competitor to determine what can be done to differentiate the company’s brand from its competitors

3. They also work closely with the marketing department of a company as they are responsible for developing marketing and advertising strategies to ensure that they are representing the brand he has built for the company. 

The designer is also involved in the process of analyzing pricing and sales and the pricing of a product or service of a company can also affect the brand of a company if it is priced too high or too low depending on the nature of the product and the social status of its customers.

A Graphic Designer's Role In Brand Development

4. The brand and identity designer is responsible for overseeing promotional and advertising activities to ensure that the manner in which the brand is portrayed to the customer is in line with the goals, value, and mission of the company.

5. The brand designer has the responsibility of re-evaluating how the brand that has been created to ensure that it is not outdated and improve on them so that it can stand the test of time and emerge into an iconic brand and it ensures that it also appears and reaches a wider consumer base.

6. A designer is responsible for protecting the brand, it is important to protect the company brand from intellectual thieves because this brand will create opportunities for the company to create value and influence the perception of their customers. 

The graphic designer ensure that the product or services of the company do not fall below the reputation of the brand and at the same time van match up with current and new customers.

7. The job of knowing the company’s customers is the job of the brand and identity designer, he carries out a review of the market to know their target market and also what their potential markets is, so he can build a brand that suits this market.

8. The band manager is also involved in making important decisions about the business by providing feedback on the activities of the brand, what strategy and been implemented on a particular product and what lessons have been learned and to also know how this will impact on the future of the company.

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  • Logo Identity Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Menu Design
  • Product Labels
  • Product Mock Designs
  • Brochure Design
  • E-Mail Design
  • Poster Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Website Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Magazine Cover Design
  • Advertisement Banner Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • 3D Sculpture Rendering
  • Digital Painting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Album Cover Art & Design
  • Signage
  • Package Design
  • Calendar Design
  • Photo-Retouching
"I can work with you to create a uniformed and captivating collection of visual designs to represent your brand."

Fort Lauderdale Graphic Design | Digital Illustrations and Paintings

Album Cover Designs | Single & EP Cover Designs

Book Cover ArtIST | Book Cover Design | Book Cover Illustration

Book Cover Artist Fort Lauderdale
Book Cover Design Fort Lauderdale

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Graphic Design Client Testimonials

Reviews on Thumbtack & Google

I have worked with Kenal on a few projects. His artwork is exceptional. He took my vision and gave me options, and the end results exceeded expectations.

Thurston Ray

New York City/ NY

It was a pleasure working with Kenal. He captured exactly the vision I had with his art. I'm definitely looking forward to many more projects with him....very creative!

James Prophet

Insurance Agent
West Palm Beach/ FL

This guy is a gift to the world! I randomly came across his work on the internet and fell in love ever since. His art speaks for itself! Most importantly, he can bring your vision to life. I gave him a detailed description of the artwork I wanted to creative and he even surprised my own vision! Talent is an understatement. Raw talent from scratch, and he sends you the progression of the art throughout the process which is nice. I HIGHLY recommend Kenal

J Clancy

Atlanta/ GA

Kenal has completed many works of art for me. From book covers to actually pieces that are displayed in my home. All of his works speak volumes. They have brought my words to life as well as my home! His prices are affordable, he is great with communication and follow up. The works of art are very vibrant and unique. All of my experiences with this artist have been amazing. I highly recommend his services!

Katy Naturalista

Author / Poet
Philadelphia/ PA

Fort Lauderdale Design Services | Fort Lauderdale Graphic Designer

Brand Identity Designer Fort Lauderdale
Logo Designer Fort Lauderdale
Logo Design Services Fort Lauderdale


Business has many competitors who are willing to do their best to remain at the top of the global market. Branding is the tool that makes a company unique from others, branding helps a company identify its customers. Every company should create its brand identity through the following steps:

1. Setting business goals and brand personality

The first step in creating a brand identity by a company is to set its goals, vision and mission statements so that the brand identity designers know what to work with.

The company needs to know the kind of character and value it wants to show to its customers, this will give the designer an idea of how he will build the brand. Where a company is not certain of its values and its product outlook, the designer should find proper questions to ask in other to guide him n how to create a brand that will be suitable for the company.

2. Branding review

When the goals have been set, it is important to do a review of the company’s brand to determine the position of the brand to its customers. Market research should be carried out to determine how the company’s product and services are viewed by customers and to know the important elements that will be required to grow that product.

It is also important to review the company’s competitors’ brand to develop strategies on how to differentiate their brand for the others in the market. Based on the review of the company’s’ brand and that of the competitors, the designer will then know how the current brand can be tweaked to align with how the company wants the brand to be perceived.

3. Build the brand

Once the company has a complete understanding of the brand to be created, it is time to design the brand and transform it into a visual representation of the company.

In building the brand visually, the company has to look at creating a logo for the company that will not be similar to that of its competitors and pick a color and style that suits the product or service. In building a corporate brand style, brand items like business cards, correspondences such as letterheads and envelopes should be designed.

It could also include banners and billboards, vehicle branding, T-shirts and caps. It is also important to build the brand voice which is dependent on the company’s mission and industry, it is how the company communicates with its customers and how they respond. The voice could be professional, friendly, technical, authoritative etc.

4. Build the brand style guide

It is one thing to build an effective brand and it is another thing to use the brand identity and use it correctly, this could even be worse than creating a poor brand.

The brand style guide is to ensure that the brand identity is used, and it is used correctly. The brand style guide contains easy guidelines for using brand identity.

A style guide explains the motive standing behind a logo as well as the presentation of the corporate brand color which can be used for different purposes. It is important the brand is integrated into every aspect of the business even to the company’s social media networks.

Non-Disclosure / Privacy

Whenever a client calls me or contact me regarding a project I believe in keeping our discussion private. Non-disclosure forms and ownership agreement forms also are welcome and can be provide to make the process smooth.

Your project I am sure is to remain private until it is actually launched, so I believe in keeping things disclosed as well on my end.

Skype or Face-time Calls Also Available

Although this page specifically is for graphic design in Fort Lauderdale I offer graphic design services all over the United States. It doesn't matter the location as long as you are willing to talk or  email me as a way a communication. I am also available to do Skype or Face-time calls.

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Always available to do a video skype call or video zoom call. Either way you would be working with a reliable graphic designer and creative graphic artist who will give you his best.

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