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Branding Design Pro is a logo and graphic design service company. With 10 years plus of design experience, the site is a portfolio and reflection of the quality of work provided by Kenal Louis. Whether you are looking for advertising designs, a brand identity design, and more. Branding Design Pro is an excellent choice.


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I'm Kenal Louis

Brand Identity Design Pro
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My Commitment As A Professional Graphic Designer

My Graphic Design Service Guarantee

  • Clear and Great Communication Throughout Process
  • Creative and Imaginative Designs
  • Will Bring My Best Skills To The Tables
  • Provide Professional Service
  • Only Will Create The Highest Quality Work For You ( Nothing Cheesy )
  • The Ultimate Goal Is To Make Your Brand Presentation Look Good

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Why Should You Care About Branding

So why should you care about branding? The answer is that good branding equals more sales. Branding is all about who you are as a business. You want the message you convey to be accurate, efficient, and memorable. If you can communicate what you do, how you do it, and why people should buy with you, customers will be more inclined than ever to hire you!

Here are some things you should consider as you begin branding:

  • What will the face of your company be and what do you want to communicate through it?
  • Your logo will say a lot about you as a professional! Thus, you will want it to be spot on to your business’s vibe. We will talk more about logo design below!
  • How can you communicate your trustworthiness to your audience?
  • No one wants to hire someone they don’t trust. Whether you provide a product or service, your customers want to know that purchasing from you is the right move. Maintaining a consistent branding strategy and implementation plan will help your audience know exactly what they can expect from you.
  • How can you excite your customers – both new and returning?
  • Keep in mind that consistency does not mean boring. Try to think of creative ideas that will make customers excited to buy from you for the first time or the hundredth time!

So with all of this tossing around in your mind, where can a business owner begin as far as branding? What do you need to know so that you can build a great foundation for your brand that will be effective? Let’s get started!

How To Find The Best Designer For Hire

With the invention of YouTube came many ‘professionals’ in different fields, one of which is graphic designing. It is not hard to meet a graphic designer; there are tons of them everywhere. 

First thing you should realize about graphic design is that it is an art, and the persons telling you they are graphic designers either have the talent for it or they don’t.

When you want to get a design done, you should consider the fact that you are not the only one viewing it, you are putting it out there for other people to view, and if it does not come out right, there will be a problem.

You do not want a situation where you will have to start searching for another graphic designer to pay to salvage the bad work the amateur did prior.

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On that note, how do you find the best graphic designer for hire?

Ask to see their portfolio:

Every designer has a variety of designs that they can showcase their abilities. Simply ask to see their portfolios and go through their works. See if their previous designs connect with you and your vision. Because if you are second-guessing the designs they did for others, you just might not like what they end up creating for you.

Look out for their creativity:

While going through the portfolio, creativity should be the first thing on your mind. If you are paying a 100% fee to have them do your design, you are paying for 50% of their creativity.

Anyone can put lines and shapes together, but not just anyone is creative enough to make these line and shapes represent an idea and convey a clear message.

Ask/read about them:

Reputation, review, and referrals are what the business of graphic designing is built on. Check their reputation, look through their reviews online, and if they were referred to you by someone, all the better. Their reputation which they do not want to tarnish would be a good reason for them to handle your job with utter professionalism.

Humans are painfully honest when they paid for a service, so if the graphic designer you have your eye on does not know their onion, the reviews will let you know. If they are good at their job, reviews will tell you as well.

Their values should align with yours:

Your design should be able to say your values. This can only happen when your designer understands your values and aligns their value to yours first.

When both values have been properly aligned, then they can go forward to make sure your design speaks out the value of your brand loud enough for anyone who sees it hear.

An unwritten rule is to have a list of different graphic designers at the same time, put them to an interview, then score them privately.

 Check your scorecard in the end, and you would know which of them is capable of handling your job.

Photo Composites, Drawings, and Merch Design

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Branding Design Pro, LLC is a full-service graphic design company that provides a variety of services, including digital illustration, print and digital media design, brand consulting, brand development and web design.

If you care about the quality of the visual designs you share with you audience and want to work with a designer that has great communication skills, Branding Design Pro is who you want to work with.

Providing the absolute best service through clear communication, one on one follow-ups, and an array of alternatives lead to client satisfaction.

Print Design

Designs for conferences, conventions, physical storefronts, and even product packaging and labels.

Digital Design

Full-on brand packages to brand identity logos.

Web Design

Specialized in WordPress, get a service based website that leads to conversions and great SEO benefits for your ongoing marketing needs.

Short List of Services Provided

  • Social Media
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Digital Media Banners
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Sketch to Vector Logos
  • Catalogs and Booklets
  • Menus and Brochures
  • Photo Retouching and Editing
  • Digital Ilustrations
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