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Looking for the best graphic artist and graphic design West Palm Beach service? Work with me, Kenal Louis the most qualified graphic designer who can bring your vision to life.

I am an expert digital artist as well as graphic designer with over 8 years doing graphic art, logos, illustrations, photo designs and more. Although, I have worked with clients all over the United States while doing freelance work. Some of my past clients are from New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston (Like Visceral Vow) see their logo design below.

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Logo Design Concepts For Past Client: Visceral Vow

Graphic Designer Logo Design

Graphic Logo Design West Palm Beach

Visceral Vow's Brand

They provide photography and videography services primarily for events and weddings. Although based in Houston they provide work that requires traveling as well. You can take a look at their website and Facebook. I'm proud that they are putting their brand logo design to good use and really branding themselves as a business. 

Types of Design Services I Provide:

I provide a wide range of design related services. Everything you can think of regarding digital arts and design, I've done it all.

I take pride in being able to work with a wide variety of clients on many different graphic design projects.

I provide affordable flat fees for design services with no back-end additional charge. All of the rights and ownership of files also belong to the client.

Contact me today to start on a creative project.

Graphic Design West Palm Beach FL | Need a West Palm Beach graphic designer? Graphic artist, illustrator for hire Kenal Louis.

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  • Logo Identity Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Menu Design
  • Product Labels
  • Product Mock Designs
  • Brochure Design
  • E-Mail Design
  • Poster Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Website Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Magazine Cover Design
  • Advertisement Banner Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • 3D Sculpture Rendering
  • Digital Painting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Album Cover Art & Design
  • Signage
  • Package Design
  • Calendar Design
  • Photo-Retouching

Work With Me: Kenal Louis Designer Behind Branding Design Pro

Kenal Louis Graphic Designer

Working with me this the visual representation you will get. I am beyond passionate about the art and the designs that I create. Everyday I find a way to create something that is art related. Whether I am drawing, painting, or doing some photo manipulation designs; I find a way to produce creative ideas.

You will only get the most creative designs and captivating work that people will remember when they see it. Offer the past years I've worked with many musicians and small business owners to help with their brand.

From album cover designs, logo designs and even bigger projects like websites; people have trusted me to give them the best artwork to represent them and I did not fail to deliver.


I'm Good At...


Since I could hold a pen or a pencil I've been drawing. Over the years I've experimented on various methods and ways to draw.

Drawing is an essential skill for professional logo designers and graphic designers.


Branding is more than just a logo design. It's a visual representation of you or your company's mission.

Designing fluent/consistent promotional content for marketing purposes. Branding design over time.


Creativity is something I am beyond good at. Since I was a child I've been creating art.

Today I tell visual stories through my illustrations.

Skilled in digital painting and creating illustration artwork for book covers and more.

Print Design

I have a lot of experience doing book cover designs, album cover designs, posters, and flyers for physical printing.

Designing for print media based products. For example a label design for a t-shirt tag.



Digital Illustrations and Paintings

Album Cover Designs

Single Cover Graphic Design

"Friday" The Single Cover For A Viral Song

The following single cover was done for Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory.

At the time I created the single cover for the song, "Friday" was going viral on YouTube. Today the music video for "Friday" has over 110 million views since the song exploded on the internet in 2011.

Although the song's popularity was not based on it being a great song, it still made a huge impact on how virals song to be perceived. Following "Friday", "Gangnam Style" came out and became the biggest viral song of all time.

Embrace The Album Cover For Thurston Ray

I created this design concept for a musician based in New York City called Thurston Ray. After talking to him about the vision and idea that he had we brainstormed a few ideas.

Thinking about what it meant for someone to be embraced or the thought of embrace I came up with something personal. We talked about doing a creative artwork with a drawing or painting style, but it really didn’t fit the concept of his album.

I recommended that he do a few more photo shoots similar to the last project that I did for him, that way we would have photos to use for the design of the project.

After he took the photos and sent them to me, we came to agree on as the design that you see as the final album cover for Embrace.

Book Cover Art & Design

Book Cover Graphic Design
Book Cover Graphic Design

Photo Manipulation Designs

The Fashion Photo Designs

Photography Design

Photography Design Project

Photopraphy Graphic Design

Photography Design Project

Photopraphy Graphic Design

Photography Design Project

Creating photo manipulation compositions is one of the most fun and creative part of designing for me. As a person who is also a visual item, I believe in the idea that my imagination is unlimited.

Having the ability to blend photos, merge colors, and play with the composition of a neat design is enjoyable. This really allows an unlimited variety of art direction when merging photos in creating a form of digital collage.

Why should you work with me instead of the other designers or a design firm? 

Communication Is Important

I believe in communication. Communication is key in everything. It is crucial in relationships both personal and professional. If you are a business owner and you have a team, without great communication you will fail.

Even if there is progress with bad or fair communication, at some point things won't work out. I believe in communication one on one and in a timely manner.

Planning For Design Projects

Effective planning is one of the many components that help businesses thrive and success. I am a planner. From the personal projects that I do like my digital artworks to client work like logo designs and other graphic design services I provide, planning is essential.

Design Reputation

Listen. My reputation is on the line. I don't want any negative reviews for the work that I do because it would hurt my business and my image. As a creative artist and graphic designer providing services to others the last thing I want is someone leaving a long list of things that they hated about my service.

Also, my face is everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my throughout the web. So whoever I work with knows who they are dealing with and there is some form of public accountability.

Graphic Design Client Testimonials

Reviews on Thumbtack & Google

I have worked with Kenal on a few projects. His artwork is exceptional. He took my vision and gave me options, and the end results exceeded expectations.

Thurston Ray

New York City/ NY

It was a pleasure working with Kenal. He captured exactly the vision I had with his art. I'm definitely looking forward to many more projects with him....very creative!

James Prophet

Insurance Agent
West Palm Beach/ FL

This guy is a gift to the world! I randomly came across his work on the internet and fell in love ever since. His art speaks for itself! Most importantly, he can bring your vision to life. I gave him a detailed description of the artwork I wanted to creative and he even surprised my own vision! Talent is an understatement. Raw talent from scratch, and he sends you the progression of the art throughout the process which is nice. I HIGHLY recommend Kenal

J Clancy

Atlanta/ GA

Kenal has completed many works of art for me. From book covers to actually pieces that are displayed in my home. All of his works speak volumes. They have brought my words to life as well as my home! His prices are affordable, he is great with communication and follow up. The works of art are very vibrant and unique. All of my experiences with this artist have been amazing. I highly recommend his services!

Katy Naturalista

Author / Poet
Philadelphia/ PA

Why is graphic design important for businesses?

Every business shares the same concern—how to make its products (goods and services) appealing or attractive to existing and potential consumers in order to sell as much as possible. This is the place where graphic design comes in; it is an aspect of marketing communication which serves to make the products of a business appeal to the target market.

Whether the goal of a promotion is to win over new customers or persuade existing customers to start/keep consuming a product (brand loyalty), the use of graphic design is a good way of achieving these aims.

More Logo Designs

Logo Design West Palm Beach
Logo Design West Palm Beach FL

Graphic Design West Palm Beach | Graphic Design Services

Logo Graphic Designer

Power of Branding and Identity:

As the popular saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words.

Thus, it is logical to conclude that one of the best ways to register a brand in the minds of the target market is to convey its messages in visual or graphic format.

This is especially true in contemporary times when it is generally agreed that the image has become the queen of content, and the video, the king.
Indeed, the entire paraphernalia that goes into the branding of a business and its products revolves around a good use of graphic designs—from the logo, to the font, to the colour(s), to the trademark, up to the packaging.

Moreover, even if a brand is poised to offer some mouth-watering promotion such as sweepstakes, raffles and lotteries, discounts, free gifts, bonuses, etc., the campaign may not achieve the optimal results envisaged if the packaging of the lacks a good graphic design to boot.

Without words, it is by way of graphic designs that a business can create a lasting effect on the minds of a business supporters.

What major brands use graphic design to market their companies?

One of the major industries where graphic design is chiefly used to market companies and their brands is in the automobile industry.

Within that sector, (mega-)companies and corporations such as the Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles  and General Motor Company lead the pack in promotional and branding spending, heavily relying on graphic designs as they do.$7 Billion Spent on Advertising:

With a combined advertising spending of $7.8 billion, these 3 corporations have been rated as the eighth, sixth, and third biggest money disburses on adverts, promotional and branding globally.The telecommunications industry is another sector where graphic designs come very handy for brand promotions and marketing.

Companies such as AT&T, Verizon Communications and Comcast Corporation are major advertising/brand promotion spenders.Coca Cola Believes In Design:Coca Cola is another global brand that constantly and massively employs graphic designs in promoting its brand. Every so often, Coca Cola drops a new bottle cock design, or a novel PET plastic label design.

Indeed, in some countries, Coca Cola successfully embarked on a brand campaign strategy which saw her inscribing myriads of personal names on its PET bottle labels, thereby creating a rave where nearly everyone wanted to have a bottle of Coca Cola with his or her name on it, in order to take a picture with it and post on the social media.

In fact, there is no doubt that there is practically hardly no remote recess or corner of the world where the Coca Cola script logo is not known regardless of the native language of the area.

So permeating is graphic design in the global brand’s business that its current contour bottle design is a patented trademark. Perhaps the world’s largest advertiser is Procter & Gamble with an advertising spending of a whopping $4.6 billion.

In recent years, the company has shifted huge amounts of its budget to digital advertising, because it believes online ads deliver a higher return on investment than TV or print. And it goes without telling that the digital media is one dominant platform where graphic designs are indispensable.

What is the role of a graphic designer?

In defining the role of a graphic designer, it is apt to begin by explaining what is meant by the term graphics. Graphics is the presentation of information in the form of diagrams and illustrations instead of merely words or numbers.

In effect, if the expression of an idea comprises just plain texts or exists just in audio format (as in a radio jingle), it hard to categorize it as having anything to do with graphic design.

Thus, the principal role of a graphic designer is the interpretation of messages and projecting them in visual format using diagrams, shapes, pictures, colors, and minimal text. In effect, a graphic design can exist in visual only (print or soundless digital media), or audio-visual (video 3D, motion picture or animation graphics) formats.

In this particular context, the type of design outputs that is intended to be produced by the graphic artist or illustrator include business logos, packaging design, labels, infographics, advertising, promotional, or other forms of marketing communication and so much more.

The role of the graphic designer in a business setting is to convert a brand’s message or idea into graphical concepts which are produced as designs and illustrations existing in the desired format or medium intended to project and promote the brand.

Non-Disclosure / Privacy

Whenever a client calls me or contact me regarding a project I believe in keeping our discussion private. Non-disclosure forms and ownership agreement forms also are welcome and can be provide to make the process smooth.

Your project I am sure is to remain private until it is actually launched, so I believe in keeping things disclosed as well on my end.

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