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The 4-Step Brand Defining Logo Design Matrix

Step 1

Personify Brand Vision

The first step is to define your brand's personality and characteristics that you will want to reflect your identity. This will give clarity on the purpose and symbolism you may want your brand to express.

Step 2

Develop Logo Design & Prototype Concepts

We will use the brand defined vision to create 9-12 initial prototype designs, with unlimited revisions until we get to a design you are satisfied with. We will work until you get the design you will "know if when you see it" as the final visual.

Step 3

Create Brand Guide for Logo Use

Once we have the final logo design. Then a brand guide book will be created for future reference on how the logo design may be utilized to build consistency for your brand visually. A visual playbook with ideas on how to use the logo.

Step 4

Final Presentation & High-Resolution Files Delivery

The final high-resolution files will be delivered to you in 5 file formats, the brand guide, sign exclusive unlimited rights with complete ownership of the design for registration, trademarking, and copyrighting.

Branding Design Pro Team

Creative Brand Designer for Hire Kenal Louis


Studio Designer

Melissa Brown


Content Manager






Web Designer



Social Media Manager


"Let's create an unforgettable logo design that your brand's fans will be proud to support."

Atlanta Logo Designer

Kenal Louis

Branding Design Pro Creator & Logo Designer

Creating logo designs is not just a job for me as the creator of Branding Design Pro, as I ensure that the designs I put out connect to everyone in one way or the other.

I possess an enviable experience in creating logo designs capable of telling the story of virtually any brand. I have created a wide range of collections boasting of logo designs made for clients from different works of life.

Many of my customers in the past come from the entertainment world, hence I have produced logos for independent music labels and musicians alike. I also excel in dishing out phenomenal logo designs to businesses of all kinds as my expertise and experience span far and wide.

Experience in Graphic Design

My logo designs possess has taken me 10 years to refine to where it currently is, created with the brand vision as a complete focus.

Needless to say I've worked as a professional digital artist for hire for many year and developed an eye for great design.

This is because I go the extra mile just to make sure that each logo comes out unique. The design process for each logo is done meticulously and quite differently.

Fun Fact About Me

When I am not busy working on design projects for clients, I create digital artworks or traditional line drawings. A lot of which I share on my @Instagram page.

How I Create the Best Brand Designs for Clients


Discover the ultimate secrets to creating the best brand designs in this video that I use to level up design direction and presentations for my clients.

Atlanta Logo Designer: Professional Brand Logo Design Atlanta

The Creative Workspace

Surrounded by creativity and inspiration to be imaginative daily.

  • 1-ON-1 PROCESS

Branding Design Pro was created with 10+ years of experience in graphic design refining the 1-on-1 process to provide the best value tailoring the logo design process. 

1-On-1 Process With Benefits

  1. You Own Unlimited Exclusive Rights To The Designs
  2. Clear and Open Communication 1-on-1 Throughout Process
  3. Quality Designs Composed From My Skills Acquired Over 10 Years
  4. Guide Book With Examples on How To Utilize The Logo
  5. Unlimited Revisions To Explore A Variety of Possibilities
  6. No Hidden or Additional Fees Pertaining To The Logo Project

How Can A Great Logo Design Help Your Branding and Promotion Marketing?

You have not fully started up your business until you have a logo design.

If anybody ever told you a logo is not important, when that person tells you “good morning”, you might want to look out the window to see if it’s actually morning, because that person is either a liar or is ignorant.

If logos were not important, you wouldn’t remember iPhones and MacBooks whenever you see an apple that has a part of it bitten off.

A logo design is very important in branding your business, in marketing and in a number of other ways, which are highlighted in the following paragraphs.


Your logo design will play an important role when it comes to promoting or marketing your brand and here are some of the ways it can be instrumental to this;

1. Capable Of Boosting Reach

When your logo is not just aesthetic but also unique with a strong sense of representation, it captures the attention of your target audience and even beyond. The upside to this is that you are able to boost your brand’s reach even without uttering a single word.

2. Enforces Engagement

Never underestimate the power of good logo design as it can foster an increment in engagement. People are moved by what they see and if what they see before them inspires them enough, they will act on it. At the end of the day, it’s big ups to your logo, as it would’ve again promoted your brand all on its own.

3. Speeds Up Conversion Rate

When it comes to social media marketing and even direct marketing, a good logo design is a part of what it takes to speedup conversion rate. The effect of a logo design is like a domino effect that ends favorably for your brand.

If your logo is inspiring or mentally provocative, it will cause a surge upward in reach and hence engagement. But that’s not all, is it? As the ultimate goal here is to gain conversation of potential or prospective buyers into paying customers.

Logos reflect their company's identity and when they are good, whenever and wherever they are seen, they encourage potential clients to actually patronize the business.

As far as logo design and branding are concerned, these two things go together and hence the former should not be disregarded when trying to achieve the latter.

It is highly essential for promotions and a necessary arsenal for marketing, as logos leave a mental picture that can last in peoples' subconscious (sometimes lasting even longer than words do).

Premium Logo Design Package Details

Vector Designs: Letter Mark, WordMark, Monogram, Emblem, Illustration

  • 1 Complete Finished Vector Logo
  • 9-12 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • Any Color Palette
  • Full-color version
  • 2 Greyscale/black and white versions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% Exclusive Unlimited Rights of Ownership
  • Signed and Notarized Full Ownership Release form
  • 10+ Year Experience Designer
  • Creative Direction
  • Phone call development and brainstorm sessions as needed
  • 7 Zoom Meetings for Screenshare sessions (15-30 minute Video Calls)
  • Typeface/Typography (Covers Up to 2+ Font Purchase licenses)
  • PDF Brand Guide Book For Logo Use with Color Codes
  • 5 High Resolution File Formats ( svg, png, jpp, pdf, ai)
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • 14-21 Day Turnaround time for completion

Custom projects start at $3k.

Client Video Reviews

Everyone wants to see reviews from trusted sources that can validate whether a product or service. Therefore, logo designer reviews play a crucial role in helping them decide if it's worth their investment.

The following is a page source of design reviews from past clients: video and written reviews of the client experiences working with Branding Design Pro.

Client Video Reviews

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Things to Consider When Hiring A Logo Designer?

As much as I consider the possession of great logo design to be very useful and beneficial, I must also consider some other things which are at play here. The need to hire a professional graphic designer cannot be understated; however, there are certain things to look out before hiring one.

Typically, graphic designers are not relegated to creating only logo designs. The art of graphic design accommodates so much more.

However, there are a ton of good, average and bad ones out there and so it remains pertinent to test the credibility, professionalism, and capabilities of any graphic designer you’re about to get in bed with (no pun intended). A bad designer will only give you bad results and by the time you realize what has happened, it might’ve been too late.

So how can we tell a great graphic designer from one that isn’t? What are the things we ought to consider before hiring one? There are guidelines on how to go about picking one and some of them include;

Graphic Design Skillset

There are many flukes out there parading themselves as professional graphic designers. Therefore, you must check and double check the technical skillset of a graphic designer before hiring one.

Make sure he or she submits their graphic design projects executed in the past for consideration.

When this is made available to you, it will be much easier to make a judgment call on whether to hire him or her for the job or not.

Detail Designer

So there’s good and there’s great. A good graphic designer will exhibit all the signs of someone with talent, but a great graphic designer is a good graphic designer who pays attention to detail.

It’s not enough to have a talent or a unique skill set in design (or anything else for that matter), because what often separates good from great is attention to detail.

Design is an art form that provokes thoughtful and often genuine responses. This is why a great logo design done by a logo designer (or graphic designer) equally as great, is usually a sight to behold.

Brand Design Pro aims to keep creating logo designs that will continue to satisfy its perpetually growing clientele.

The dream remains to create, produce and deliver nothing short of highly professional logos and designs.

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