December 2

Graphic Design Vlog: How I Got Started Creating Logo Designs

"How I Got Started Creating Logo Designs". The following video blog or design vlog is about my first logo design. In the 2-3 minute video I share how I landed my very first design project for a logo.

Graphic Design Vlog: How I Got Started Creating Logo Designs

The transcript for the design vlog.

Today, I'm going to share with you
A story on pretty much how I got started
Doing logo designs. And designing for
Customers who reach out for a project.

The very first project I started working on
Was about... Was in 2009. I had a friend's mother
Uh female friend I graduated school with
High school with and her mom contacted me
For a design for her husband's catering business.

And at that time I don't think
I had done any designs for logos before,
But it had been doing my space designs for people
Today today I primarily
Design logos for clients and
Individuals reach out to help them bring
Their visions and brands to life.

For me, it's a very rewarding process and
As an artist and designer who you know,
Enjoys being able to create freely and
Express their thoughts through visuals,
Having developed this journey and this
Four step process that I take the clients through
Is something that I'm very
Proud of and it's a very rewarding feeling
To know when the client see the final
Design and logo that they they are satisfied
With they are so happy,
They can't they can't wait to leave
Me like a five star review on google.

So I can see myself doing this long term
Versus designing flyers or promotional type
Designs for people because. The reward that
Comes with not being able to have the
Power to read their mind,
But really pinpoint and create a logo
Or design that they're really satisfied with
Is really self fulfilling.

Um and as creators,
You know,
As as individuals,
We are all naturally creators for me
That that just that just says it all,
You know,
And being able to create something that
They had,
Which was really just a dream,
Just a, just a concept and sometimes it's

Sometimes it's not even fully

Defined. To take them to point a to b
To where it is realized and fully designed
And done.

It's amazing.

I would love to know if you find it

Um if you have a process that you've developed
Over the past 10 years or so and what
Your first project was in your industry and
Field, leave a comment down below if
You're unable to leave a comment depending
On where you're seeing this video,
Uh you can feel free to send me a
Message. I would love to hear your story,

That's all I wanted to share.

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