What is branding and what does your logo have to do with it?

"Branding is your reputation. Your logo design is the symbolic reminder to the audience that will become fanatics of your brand. The logo is a visual tool that will be significantly useful alongside your messages and brand voice to build your brand successfully through your campaigns."

Logo Design Case Studies

Case Study 1: Logo Design Created for a Junk Removal Business

The following logo design case study is a junk removal company based in South Florida called Evergreen Junk Removal.

Logotype Variable: Technical

Visual Elements: Abstract and Sharp

Logo Design Chosen
Logo Designs
Choosing the Typeface/Font

The typography for the design for Evergreen Junk Removal is a clean, bold, classic font. Nothing too funky or playful as the business's audience is primarily adults.

Making sure the brand's name was visually apparent, the Bebas Neue Bold font was chosen to be the go-to font to experiment with to create something unique for the company. A design that would still be refreshing to see over the next 25-50 years.

What About Color?

In creating the design, I knew the owner wanted to have green incorporated into whatever design they wanted to align with the business name and impression of an eco-friendly company.

The hue chosen was somewhat neutral but still refreshing to where it wasn't unpleasant visually, even if someone were to be exposed to it for an extended period.

Grey Value

The grey shade chosen to combine with the green have a slight tint of red, which is barely visible, but it adds warmth to the overall design as the brand is a service-based company with the mission to serve their customers through care for their junk hauling needs.

Options in Logo Design Prototypes

These are only a few of the options presented to the owner when the project was being worked on, and the final choice for the logo design ended up being the top left design.

The abstract shape proved to be different, unique, and memorable. The abstract shapes symbolize the junk hauled, which could be anything from old furniture, fixtures from a foreclosed store at the local mall, and so on.

The Logo Design Used in Their Marketing and Branding

From the decal on some of their trucks, banners, their website, and other promotional designs, the logo has been consistently used to build their presence alongside the advertising efforts they've done since I created the design for their business.

Designs created for marketing and branding use:

Social media marketing

Content marketing

Traditional marketing

Junk Removal Brand Logo Design
Junk Removal Brand Logo Design
Junk Removal Brand Logo Design

Case Study 2: Fishing Brand Logo and Package Design

Fishing Logo Design
Logo Design for Fishing Brand

Designs created for marketing and branding use:

Social media marketing

Product designs and labels

Large promotional tools and assets

Logo and Brand Design
Brand Logo Design
Fishing Brand Logo Design
Brand Event Display Banner

Past Client Testimonials on Google

Zach Haver

"I talked to several company's about Logo Design In Omaha and found Branding Design Pro. Kenal Logo Design was above expectations and the way I was walked thought the process was great. I would recommend anyone looking to Redesigning Logo or Designing Logo to call. The end Logo we came to was beyond what I expected."

Zach | Business Owner

Mad Hatter Auto Repair


Logo Design Testimonial

"Kenal was super professional and patient with us as we went back and forth over how we envisioned our design. We walked away with something we LOVE. I highly recommend working with Kenal!"

Rachel Ngom | Business Owner

She's Making An Impact


"Kenal is amazing at what he does and he delivers EVERYTIME (and some). What he stands for and the energy that he gives off through his art is powerful. I never physically meet this guy but from working with him and being a recipient of his art you wouldn't be able to tell. 5 stars doesn’t justify what he and his art has done for me and my brand. Keep inspiring King!"

Joshua | Business Owner

Inner-City Kid Apparel


Hair Studio Logo Design

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this business. Mr. Louis was phenomenal. He was professional, met deadlines, stayed true to my vision and was extremely patient through all of my last minute changes. I was more then pleased with the final product. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I would gladly refer and use his services again."

Amani | Business Owner

Hair Studio and Salon

Client Logo Design

"Kenal was amazing. Moved on my project immediately. He responds to emails lightning quick. Design was great. Listened to my feedback and executed. If you are looking for a vision for your company or a redesign of your current logos, call kenal. He is the man!"

Steven | Attorney and Investor

Investment Business

Case Study 3: Logo Design Created for Twisted Rootz

Logotype Variable: Creative

Visual Elements: Organic and Abstract

Natural Hair Logo Design for Hair Salon
Hair Product Package Design
Hair Product Package Design
The Chosen Logo Design for the Hair and Beauty Business
Hair Package Label Designer
Hair Package Label Designer

Case Study 4: Logo Design Created for 2023 Zimbabwe Presidential Candidate

Logotype Variable: Reliable

Visual Elements: Caring and Empowering

Logo Design Prototypes
Logo Design Chosen
About the Chosen Logo Design

There were quite a few more design variations created for the campaign, with different color combinations. However, collaboratively working with the client for this project, the decision came down to these three colors.

The colors align with the country's flag colors and reflect the people as a nation. The font chosen was bold and unforgettable—a statement font with weight to compliment the overall design, a pure symbol of UZA.

Campaign Logo Design
Campaign Zimbabwe Logo Design
The Logo Design Being Used in the Campaign for Presidency

As UZA President Elisabeth Valerio and her team roll out their campaign in full effect for Zimbabwe, the logo is being used in an incredible way to empower the nation's people. From flyers, fabric textiles, posters, and more. The design aligned with the vision and is doing its part to support its messages and direction for Zimbabwe.

Visit: unitedzimbabwe.org

Political Brand Logo Design
Political Logo Design

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