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It's no secret that Nike is the powerhouse regarding branding and athletic wear. But Under Armour is quickly making a name for itself as one of Nike's biggest rivals. Under Armour branded merchandise can be found nearly as all major athletic wear outlets today.

We will look at what has made UA so successful and how it is positioning itself to overtake Nike in the years to come. So if you're wondering what makes Under Armour different from other brands in the industry, read on! We promise you won't be disappointed.



Protect This House Under Armour Campaign

Protect This House by Under Armour - A catalyst brand campaign

Endorsement deals are a dime a dozen; however, for a sports brand to snag two Hall of Fame, Multiple Championship winning clean-cut athletes, and arguably the biggest movie star to date is no ordinary feat.

These three endorsement deals will ultimately make Under Armour Nike's top rival in the next decade, a new rivalry that may resemble the 80s rivalry between Reebok and Nike.

Somehow the start-up athletic apparel company founded in Baltimore, Maryland, has managed to sign deals with Steph Curry, Dwayne' The Rock' Johnson, and Tom Brady. The Most winningest quarterback in NFL history, a player with multiple championships who could be considered better than LeBron James, and the biggest movie star to date.

Suppose we can learn anything from Nike's signing with Michael Jordan. First, you must have a clean-cut, respectable role model type that you would let babysit your kids, which can drastically impact a company's revenue.

The Chef Curry Under Armour Brand

Stephen Curry is 'what's now,' and his Dominance on the court and off is undeniable. Curry, unlike LeBron but like Jordan, was able to win Multiple Championships with the same team.

While winning a championship is no easy feat, only an elite few can lead one team to Dynasty status.

Being a part of a dynasty is something the legend LeBron James has not accomplished which is one reason Curry's signature brand can rival Jordan in the next half-century.

He is the most prolific 3-point shooter in the history of the NBA and an all-time 3-point record holder; he shows no sign of slowing down soon.

The Rock's Under Armour Brand

Let's briefly talk about the Rock. To start, he has 320 Million followers on Instagram, which is the entire US population.

Whenever the Rock releases some new product or venture, he has the equivalent of the US population to market right from the palm of his hand. He is one of the few to start in a different facet of entertainment and shift to acting in movies and has done a superb job.

Will Smith, Ludacris, and Ice Cube may be the only other 3 people with considerably similar star status to do so. The entertainer is well respected and has succeeded in a way many will never be able to.

Family Friendly Image

Similar to Steph Curry, the Rock also resonates with families as a whole.
He constantly posts videos and pictures of him being a regular dad playing with his daughter.

Despite their great wealth and fame, they managed to maintain a relatable, personable image among the general public. This image is something Jordan doesn't precisely have and hence a slight advantage the Under Armour's brand.

Lord of The Rings

Now, if those two previous celebrities weren't enough, how about securing a deal with the greatest quarterback to date? 7 Championships as a quarterback, need I say more?

Under Armour Campaign "Protect This House."

We Must Protect This House Campaign

Nike Campaign "Just Do It."

Just Do It Nike Campaign

Aside from those three factors, here are some notable strong points used in UA's marketing & branding.

  • It recognized Juneteenth as a 'Paid' holiday for its employees before it was declared a national holiday.
  • It has created a new rubber technology known as "Supercritical Flow" foam, a nitrogen-infused version of the Olefin-based material.

Things UA can improve on.

  • Develop more striking ads. Campaigns that will resonate like Nike's "Just Do It" tagline. The company's first TV brand campaign, "Protect this House," was launched in 2003. Later, the athletic wear company launched the "Only way is Through" campaign in 2020.
  • UA has made it a point to focus more on performance than its competitors, who are taking advantage of the growing athleisure market. But the recent release of the UA SlipSpeed shoe may be a move in the right direction.

In closing, while UA still has ways to go before it can be considered a rival of Nike, the company is making the necessary moves to position itself as a giant in the sportswear market.


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