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Instant Brand

Enhance your brand recognition and loyalty with your target consumers.

Stand Apart
& Stand Differently

Increase product viability and differentiation your business stand on.

Memorable Experience

Custom tailored unboxing experiences your customers will not forget.

High Value

Boosts perceived value of your product and business. Impress quality and less risk.

Advantages of Custom Packaging Design

Your unique packaging design makes your product stand out. It's a way to enchant your audience with an exclusive unboxing experience. Such details show quality and thoughtfulness. Personalized designs ensure your product makes a great first impression, connecting emotionally with customers.

These four benefits are a few of many that will make a lasting impression on those you will market and advertise to.

The First & Last Impressions You Make
Will Anchor Your Audience

Imagine walking through a store, eyes scanning shelves packed with products. What makes you stop and look?

In Omaha's growing market, it's not just the product but how it's presented that grabs attention. Along with the qualities of your product, ingredients, benefits; how consumers will see you business will make a difference.

Your package design lets you tell a unique story about your brand visually. It helps you stand out and captivate customers.

Launching a new product or refreshing a known brand involves more than just looks; there is a deep thoughtfulness that goes into creating designs that work. Great package design is about creating an unforgettable opening experience. This connects with your audience.

Your packaging acts as a silent salesman, spreading your brand's message. But where do you find top packaging design services in Omaha?

The first and last impressions you make will anchor your audience for better or for worst.

Packaging Design Services Omaha: Personalized Solutions for Your Brand

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Branding Designer Kenal Louis

Brand & Packaging Designer Kenal Louis

Hi, I'm Kenal Louis I create professional packaging design for businesses. What differentiate me from my fellow designers and design agencies?

The abundance of creativity, precision, and thoughtfulness I bring to the table. As a brand designer, I've transformed many businesses visually in branding.

The work I produce in collaboration with clients are a perfect mix of art and marketing.

Over 10+ Years of Experience in Business Design

The Creative Process Behind Every Great Packaging Design

A detailed creative process that involves research, discussions, unlimited creative freedom and revisions.

It all starts with understanding your vision and expectation for who you will serve with your product and business in general. Then comes market research and strategy to make the message clear and strong. After this, we will combine art and strategy to create the most captivating packaging design for your brand's audience.

  • Understanding client objectives and core values
  • Conducting industry and target audience analysis
  • Developing a branding design strategy
  • Crafting unique and captivating design concepts
  • Refining and finalizing custom package design elements

I've worked with entrepreneurs preparing to have a website design created for the product; one thing they always need before their launch is a logo along with an engaging package design visually.

I will mix modern trends with classic branding principles to give you the best possible results. The designs created for you will tell stories through visual branding; from the logo to the packaging design. 

Rachel Ngom

Entrepreneur & Podcast Host

Kenal was super professional and patient with us as we went back and forth over how we envisioned our design. We walked away with something we LOVE. I highly recommend working with Kenal!

Packaging Design OMAHA CBD Business

Omaha Cannabis Product Brand Packaging Design
Omaha Cannabis Branding Label Wrap Design
Omaha Cannabis Label Design
Omaha Cannabis Branding Package Design

Ingredients for Powerful Product Packaging

  • Professional packaging design can significantly influence customer perception and brand storytelling. 
  • Custom packaging design adds a unique, personalized touch, making your product stand out on the shelves. 
  • Crafting an unforgettable unboxing experience can foster brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Identifying the right packaging design services in Omaha is crucial for conveying your brand's message effectively.

A detailed understanding of the audience is key to creating packaging that connects and engages.

Strategic design contributes to a cohesive brand image, enhancing market presence and customer recall.

Discover the Essence of Professional Packaging Design

Today's market is full of visuals, making professional packaging design essential and an art. Understanding the best packaging design helps share your brand's message and attract your audience. But, what really makes a packaging designer stand out? Let's explore what makes professional packaging design truly special.

What Makes a Packaging Design Complete?

A package design perfectly mixes form and function with market knowledge and creativity. It's how packaging design experts embed your brand's identity into the design that counts. Each choice, from colors to fonts, aims to create a creative packaging design that connects emotionally with buyers. It's more than just good looks—it's about reaching your audience's heart.

Top Packaging Design Companies in Omaha

Looking for packaging design in Omaha can feel overwhelming. There are many top package design companies ready to take your brand to the next level. 

Finding the right packaging design Omaha company isn't just about looks. It's about finding a team that blends design with marketing. The goal is to create packaging that grabs attention, works well, and fits your brand's message.

Why Choose Branding Design Pro?

  • Assess the portfolio of each company to gauge their creative diversity and ability to innovate.
  • Consider client testimonials to understand the satisfaction levels and success stories.
  • Analyze the range of industries served, which can indicate a company's versatility and knowledge depth.

  • Being one of the top package design companies means having a track record of excellence. We aim to understand your vision and make high-quality packaging reflective of your goal for your brand. Choosing the right packaging design in Omaha is a move that will complement your marketing efforts, fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

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    Alcohol branding and Package Design Omaha NE
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    Alcohol Beverage Brand Packaging Design Omaha

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this business. Mr. Louis was phenomenal. He was professional, met deadlines, stayed true to my vision and was extremely patient through all of my last minute changes. I was more then pleased with the final product. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I would gladly refer and use his services again.


    CEO of Twisted Rootz

    Kenal was amazing. Moved on my project immediately. He responds to emails lightning quick. Design was great. Listened to my feedback and executed. If you are looking for a vision for your company or a redesign of your current logos, call kenal. He is the man!


    Attorney and Investor

    I talked to several company's about Logo design in Omaha and found Branding Design Pro. Kenal Logo Design was above expectations and the way I was walked thought the process was great. I would recommend anyone looking to Redesigning Logo or Designing Logo to call. The end Logo we came to was beyond what I expected.


    CEO of Mad Hatter Auto Repair

    omaha packaging design company

    Footwear Brand Packaging Design

    shoe box brand packaging Omaha
    shoe box branding Omaha NE
    Shoe brand packaging design Omaha Business
    3D Modeling Shoes Designer
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    shoe branding packages Omaha Company

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