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We specialize in 3D product design modeling and rendering for presentations. Need a solid visual catalog created of a product to captivate your viewers? If yes, schedule a free consultation.

Our 3D Work

Highest quality 3D modeling and rendering of products for different industry brands.

3D Jewelry Brand Presentation: Yzadore Vincent

3D High Heel Brand Presentation: KenÏa

3D Beverage Brand Presentation: Terre 33

3D Sneaker Brand Presentation: Mali

3D Technology Brand Presentation: Vune

Our 3 Key Values

1. 1-On-1 Communication

Great communication is the foundation of strong collaboration

2. Focused Details

Attention to detail leads to proud outcomes that reflect care

3. captivating Visual

Highest quality of visual presentation leaves a memorable imprint

The 3D Modeling process 

How We Work with Clients

  1. We start with a free consultation call to gauge whether we are a good fit for each other.
  2. Set objections, goals, needs, and expectations clearly to determine the timeframe and budget for the 3D project.
  3. Start the design project, where you are kept updated throughout the design development.
  4. Meetings virtually and or by phone are conducted until all revisions are made until we reach the final 3D design(s) that match your expectations and needs.
  5. A final meeting is set to review the entire project, from models, still images, or animation(s).
  6. Your project is completed with a full exclusive release form transferring ownership of 3D files to you as the 100%owner.

Branding Design Pro Team



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The Cost for Rendering and Modeling with Branding Design Pro
  • 3D Product Still Image Rending - $300 per image (varies depending on quantity of stills)
  • 3D Animation - $300-$1,000 per second (varies depending on length and deadline)
  • 3D Modeling - $1,000 - $10,000 per custom models (varies based on detail and resolution needed

Example of a beauty brand 3D project $2,900 (Includes 3D Models + 3 Still Image Render)

Example of a beauty brand 3D project $1,900 (Includes 3D Models + 3 Still Image Render)

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