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Omaha Logo Design

Omaha Logo Design | Branding Design Pro - graphic design omaha ne

Graphic Design Logo Designer

"Together Let's Create Bright Ideas To Help Your Brand Stand Out."

Branding Design Pro was created to be a creative Omaha logo design service provider. 

This website is operated and managed by Kenal Louis, illustration artist, graphic designer, and logo design expert Kenal Louis.

graphic design omahA Nebraska | Branding Design Pro


graphic design omaha ne

Omaha Nebraska WEB DESIGN


I'm Kenal Louis

Branding Design Pro Creator
& Freelance Graphic Designer

Graphic Design and Logo Design


I'm Kenal Louis

Brand Identity Design Pro
& Graphic Designer

Omaha Logo Design | graphic design omaha nebraska

Mission Statement

My goal is to help professionals create memorable identities and develop their brand through bright ideas.

By developing a brand that is unforgettable, their business will continue to grow and become more profitable over time. Through brand recognition, their business leads will increase as well as their sales.



Experience In Graphic Design

Branding Designer Graphic Designer

Examples of My Graphic Design Work

Graphic Design Omaha NE
Brand Identity Logo Design Concepts
Photo Manipulation Design
Logo Design
Book Cover Design
Poster Print Design
Rough Magazine Cover Design
Photo Collage Design
Branding Design Pro All Rights Reserved

Below you will find some Omaha logo design projects I have worked on for clients in the past. The purpose of the designs were to serve as a brand identity for each of the clients and their businesses. A majority of the brands were independent musicians, music labels, and other business types.

Briefly, I will explain the purpose of each logo design that appears below, and why they were developed for the clients and companies.

Custom Logo Design

Every logo on this page was created with different approaches in the design process. You will get to see why the particular design for each logo was chosen as you continue scrolling.

The logos were designed for entrepreneurs from different niches, such as; Music and Entertainment, Design, Insurance, Health Industry, Science, and more.

Branding Logo Design Omaha, NE | Omaha Graphic Design services | Omaha Web Design, Graphic Designer

Omaha Logo Design | Graphic Design Omaha NE

Graphic Designer Omaha

Omaha Nebraska Designer

Graphic Design Reviews On Google and Thumbtack

Graphic Design Client Testimonials | The Design Process

I have worked with Kenal on a few projects. His artwork is exceptional. He took my vision and gave me options, and the end results exceeded expectations.

Thurston Ray

New York City/ NY

It was a pleasure working with Kenal. He captured exactly the vision I had with his art. I'm definitely looking forward to many more projects with him....very creative!

James Prophet

Insurance Agent
West Palm Beach/ FL

This guy is a gift to the world! I randomly came across his work on the internet and fell in love ever since. His art speaks for itself! Most importantly, he can bring your vision to life. I gave him a detailed description of the artwork I wanted to creative and he even surprised my own vision! Talent is an understatement. Raw talent from scratch, and he sends you the progression of the art throughout the process which is nice. I HIGHLY recommend Kenal

J Clancy

Atlanta/ GA

Kenal has completed many works of art for me. From book covers to actually pieces that are displayed in my home. All of his works speak volumes. They have brought my words to life as well as my home! His prices are affordable, he is great with communication and follow up. The works of art are very vibrant and unique. All of my experiences with this artist have been amazing. I highly recommend his services!

Katy Naturalista

Author / Poet
Philadelphia/ PA

Omaha Logo Design
Omaha Logo Designer - Business Logo Design

Brand Logo Design Concepts | Omaha NE

What Are You Set To Get For The Price

•    You can deposit a half payment advance and pay the remainder once you are pleased with the design.

•    The full ownership rights to the design and logo files are yours.

•    You will also get the original and high-resolution files for all the designs you ordered

•    You are set to get top-notch quality designs and a smooth collaboration with one good creative artist.

Logo Design Omaha

Omaha Logo Design - Logo Design Omaha Graphic Design

Logo Design Omaha

Logo Design Omaha - Logo Designer Omaha

Omaha Logo Design Service - Logo Design Pricing




  • Digital Design Concepts
  • Vector Flat or Gradient Design
  • 6-12 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • Any Color Palette
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Full Copyright Ownership
  • 6 High Resolution File Formats
    ( ai, jpg, eps, png, pdf, tif)
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • Covers Up to 2+ Font Purchase licenses
  • 5-7 Day Turnaround




  • Hand Crafted Design Concepts
  • Digitally Painted Design
  • 4 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • Any Color Palette
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Full Copyright Ownership
  • 5 High Resolution File Formats
    ( jpg, png, eps, pdf, tif )
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • Covers Up to 2+ Font Purchase licenses
  • 7 - 9 Day Turnaround

Drawing To Logo Illustrator

"Looking for a graphic designer to turn my drawing into a logo."

Do you already have a rough sketch that you just need to be brought to life digitally?

With this choice you can scan or photograph the idea and email it to me. I will work with you to bring the logo to life visually. Willing to work with you until are satisfied with the design based on your sketch/drawing.

Create A Logo From A Sketch Package 2



  • For Clients With Concept Sketch Already Done
  • Vector Flat or Gradient Design
  • 4-6 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • 2-3 Color Palette
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 4 High Resolution File Formats
    ( ai, jpg, png, pdf )
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • Covers Up to 2 Font Purchase license
  • 5 - 7 Day Turnaround

Create A Logo From A Sketch Package 1



  • For Clients With Concept Sketch Already Done
  • Vector Flat or Gradient Design
  • 4-6 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • Black and White | Greyscale | One Color
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 4 High Resolution File Formats
    ( ai, jpg, png, pdf )
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • Covers Up to 2 Font Purchase license
  • 3 - 4 Day Turnaround

Design files you can expect to receive.

  • PDF
  • EPS
  • AI
  • PNG
  • JPG

Custom Logo Design | Create A Logo From A Sketch

Whether you are looking for a designer for a branded website design, brand development, marketing materials, digital marketing, and or social media promo get in touch today.

If you are a business owner serious in need of a great designer, reach out!

Logo Design Price Payment Format & Secure Payment Process

Before starting on the logo design project or any design related project I do require a half-down security deposit. Once the project is completed and the client is satisfied with the final agreed upon design, the remainder of the payment for the design must be paid in full.

Preferred and Secured Payment Method

Paypal Invoicing  (Email Receipts provided)  or Squareup Invoicing (Email Receipts provided)

Logo Design Pricing - Payment Via Paypal

Logo Design Pricing - Payment Via Paypal

Custom Logo Design Rate - Payment Via Squareup

Custom Logo Design Rate - Payment Via Squareup

Alternative 1: CashApp Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

Alternative 2: Zelle Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

Have a question about the design process. Need a creative design in Omaha Nebraska? Call us today.

NOTE: Email inquiry through the website first to schedule a call back.

Fill out the form to get started on a project.

Branding Design Pro Logo Design Inquiry

example. 888-888-8888

Omaha Graphic Design Services | Graphic Design Omaha NE | Graphic Designer Services

Digital Painting Illustration

Digital Painting Illustration

Portrait Illustration

Portrait Illustration

Omaha Graphic Design Services List

Other type of services to accompany your web development project. An interior design presentation, designs for video production, visual market research, and marketing materials presentations. With Branding Design Pro you will be updated throughout the graphic design process. 

Get a brand development project going visually with Branding Design Pro perfect for your digital marketing and brand's campaign. 

  • Logo Identity Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Menu Design
  • Product Labels
  • Product Mock Designs
  • Brochure Design
  • Digital Marketing Design
  • E-Mail Design
  • Poster Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Website Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Magazine Cover Design
  • Advertisement Banner Design
  • Photomontage | Photo Manipulation
  • 3D Sculpture Rendering
  • Digital Painting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Album Cover Art & Design
  • Signage
  • Package Design
  • Calendar Design
  • Photo-Retouching
  • Social Media Designs
  • Book Cover Graphic Designer | Book Cover Illustration | Book Cover Design Services

    Omaha Book Cover Art Illustration
    Book Cover Design

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    Top Things You Should Consider When Hiring A GraphicDesigner

    It is well established that every business in this generation needs a good brand logo. But then, the quality and uniqueness of the logo you have chosen for your brand play a quite crucial role too in determining the success of your business and how well your branding efforts will work for you.

    This is one of the top reasons why you should get an experienced professional to help you make the perfect logo design for your business brand.

    However, in picking a professional logo designer to help you create the perfect logo that will communicate the right messages to potential and already existing customers alike for your young business, it is important to make certain necessary considerations, so as to choose the person who will deliver the perfect results. Here are some of these important considerations you should make;

    Check Out Their Design Portfolio:

    A designer’s portfolio is one of the first things you should look at when making considerations on whether to hire him or not. If a designer is as experienced as he claims, he should have a robust portfolio to show for it, and he will be glad to show it off to potential customers. So, always look out to see a logo designer’s portfolio before hiring him. If the portfolio is not available to the public, ask them privately to send it to you.

    While looking at a logo designer’s portfolio, you should check out the quality, feel, and creativity of the past jobs they have done for other people. Also, ensure to check out if their samples are in line with the style of logo you have in mind.

    Looking at a logo designer’s portfolio can be likened to looking at the CV of a prospective employee; most of the important information you need to make an informed decision can be found in it.

    Consider The Type Of Design You Really Want: 

    The truth is that you also have an important role to play in the creation of your business logo, just as important as the role of the logo designer.

    This is because you are the one to call the shots on what type of design you want and how you want it, as well as the information and details that will be included in the design. It is advised that you should have a basic idea of these things first before you go ahead to hire a designer to help you with the logo design.

    Having considered these important factors, you should then go ahead to compare them with the information available in the designer's portfolio to see if they are in agreement. Also, talk to the designer and know if he is capable of delivering the exact type of design you want.

    Consider The Designer’s Creativity: 

    You should also ensure to check out how creative the logo designer is, and the ingenuity he introduces to his creations. You can get to see this from his portfolio. Check out if the previous logo designs he has created are as creative as you want or not.

    Choosing a good creative logo designer for your business brand goes well beyond just looking at his paper qualifications, you should also try to get a feel of what he can offer to you. In doing this, there are certain considerations you should make. 

    ** Please fill out the form above to schedule a call or for an inquiry. I will respond within 24-48 hours .

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    ** Please fill out the form on the contact page to schedule a call or for an inquiry. I will respond within 24-48 hours .

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    Services Offered Nationwide

    Available to do a video zoom meeting. Either way you would be working with a reliable designer and creative graphic artist who will give you his best. I believe clear communication and transparency leads to the best project results. My goal is to help my clients bring their visions to life visional through interpretation with the use of graphic design.

    Omaha, Nebraska - Graphic Designer in Omaha

    Branding Design Pro - Graphic Design and Logo Design

    Logo Designer Near Me Alternative Options | Virtual Designer | Virtual Graphic Design Assistant For Projects

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