Logo Design Portfolio: Brand Logo Designs and Examples

The following logo design portfolio features a variety of logo designs created for clients over the years. 

Take a look through the designs and if you are convinced you want to work with Branding Design Pro for the logo design for your brand, then reach out through the contact page or the form below to schedule a callback for more information about the logo design process.

From modern esthetician logo designs to designer shoe brand logos, the experience in design concepts you will find in the portfolio range from a variety of industries.

Logos Designed for Clients

Construction Logo Design
Alcohol Logo Design
Private Jet Logo Design
Jewelry Store Logo
Luxury Brand Logo
Eyewear Logo Design Portfolio
Logo Design Portfolio 1
Footwear Logo Design
Beauty Logo
Fragrance Brand Logo
Beauty Logo Design
Luxury Logos
Haircare Logo Design
Junk Removal Logo Design
Logo Design Portfolio - Psychology Logo Design
Footwear Logo
Gamer Logo Design
Food Logo Design
Character Logo Design
Healthcare Logo Design
Automotive Logo Design
Health Logo Design
Real Estate Logo Design
Campaign Logo Design

Branding and Logo Portfolio Presentations

Private Jet Logo
Branding Design Studio
Fragrance Branding Design
Jewelry Branding Design Los Angeles
Brand and Logo Design
Haircare Brand and Logo Design

Logo Design Types, Niches, and Portfolio Examples

There are so many ways to design a logo. The following are some of the many industries and types of logos that can be created for a brand to compliment their visual identity. From a monogram logo to an abstract mark design, the preference some down to the clients desires and potentially what makes sense for the targeted industry.

Industry Logo Design

  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Haircare
  • Fashion
  • Food and Beverage
  • Auto
  • Religious
  • Political
  • and More

types of logos

  • Logotype | Wordmark
  • Abstract Mark
  • Mascot/Figure
  • Emblem
  • Pictorial Logo
  • Monogram | Lettermark

Certain branding design project include 3D product rendering, but all brand packages come with mockup examples upon completion of the design assets such as logos, banners, etc.

This part of the process is always included because It is important to to visualize how your project or brand will potentially look in person; If you planning on having uniforms manufactured for your team or staff , it would be more than helpful to see your brand colors and logo on that type of merch.

Need help bringing your idea to life visually?
Let's talk about your vision.

Let's work together to create designs that will reflect your business goals. Stand apart with your business and let's create a logo and branding assets that will be an appropriate, distinctive, and memorable symbol for your business growth for years to come.

Logo Design Portfolio: Brand Logo Portfolio Designs

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