How to Create the Best Brand Designs

After 20,000 hours designing and creating brand design concepts. Here's how I create the best brand designs for the clients I work with. You can also implement these things in your own process.BRANDING IS AN ADVANTAGE IN ALL MARKETSBefore I get into the goodies of designing. Let's talk about branding.Branding : Read More

Jewelry store branding designs

The following jewelry store branding and logo design project was created for the brand Yzadore Vincent. Designs for the brand project include the logo, packaging, gift bags, banners, and 3D product renders. Below are detail thoughts and directions that influenced this design project the luxury brand.Jewelry Store Branding & Jewelers : Read More

Alcohol Branding Design

Discover how this alcohol branding project can teach you to use brand archetypes and design to create a luxurious and adventurous experience for your audience.Alcohol Branding: Beverage BrandBrand Name: Sail to MonacoSub-Niche: Alcohol beverage brandBrand Colors: Beige & Aqua Sea TonesAudience Demographics: Men and Women, 21+Defining the Brand Persona and Consumer : Read More

The Lost Art of Oral Storytelling

There is no doubt oral storytelling has been around for thousands of years. In the modern-day era storytelling translates into business, cinema, and in marketing. Let's dive into this form of storytelling.1. What is Oral Storytelling?Oral storytelling is an ancient and time-honored tradition passed down through generations.It is a way : Read More

Beauty Logo Ideas for Beauty Brand Design

The following beauty logo ideas were created for a makeup brand. 3D product design renders for beauty industry professionals and beauty entrepreneurs. Below are some of the detail thoughts and data that influenced this design project as I worked on the concept for the brand identity design.Beauty Logo Ideas: Makeup : Read More

Beauty Branding

Beauty branding design and development. Defining the visual identity for a beauty brand that creates cosmetic products. Cosmetic brand design can be defined as the design used explicitly for cosmetic product lines. When you think of L'Oreal, Dove, and Gillette they all have a family design aesthetic for their products and : Read More