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A creative footwear designer portfolio. Imaginative Shoe Design by Kenal Louis.
Quality 3D modeling for products and investment presentations.

Dress Shoes Design - Oxford Men's Footwear

Luxury men's Oxford style footwear product design & render.

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Two Shoes Outline Drawing
luxury shoe design portfolio
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One Shoes Outline Drawing
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Branding and Logo Designer

Hi, I‘m Kenal Louis

Welcome to my curated footwear designer portfolio. I invite you to browse the striking shoe designs shared on this page.

What makes the best portfolio stand out? Is it the unique designs, keen attention to detail, or the power to captivate viewers.

The following collection showcases my expertise and creativity. You'll find everything from elegant high heels to casual sneaker designs.

Whether you are looking for a shoe designer to create a formal dress shoe or athletic footwear design; my hope is that you will be inspired to start working on your vision.

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Art Direction

As an art director, my ability to take a client's vision and guide a project's overall aesthetic leads it to a complete visual outcome.

For instance, when creating a new shoe line, my eye for style and composition can ensure the product appeals to its target audience, setting a unique tone that distinguishes it from competitors.

Brand Design

The ability to create brand designs allows me to craft distinctive, cohesive identities for businesses.

When designing a logo, understanding color theory, typography, and symbolism can help create a memorable symbol that encapsulates a company's values and mission.


I have years of experience painting; painting skills add a personal, artistic touch to any project. For example, working on a brand's packaging design, I may create packaging inspired by texture implied through paint to create a bespoke visual aesthetic that is purely original.

Hand-painted imagery can differentiate the product on the shelf, providing a unique, artisanal appeal that customers will find hard to resist.


Since I could hold a pen, I've been drawing. I can create detailed and customized sketches that form the basis of any design through drawing.

Whether sketching a prototype for a new tech gadget or drafting a new building's blueprint, my ability to draw allows me to visually communicate and refine ideas before they're brought to life.

3D Modeling

As a 3D modeler, 3D brings depth and realism to designs created for a striking visual presentation.

This skill set requires meticulous planning to produce 3D visualization that accurately reflects a proof of concept for a product design. It is also a great way to share ideas with a manufacturer before fabrication begins. The following 3D modeling portfolio highlights a variety of projects created by Branding Design Pro.

The Most Creative Footwear Designer Portfolio

Art + Function

Allowing my imagination to naturally lead me.
I beginning experimenting and exploring the curves of high heels and sneakers over the years.

Some of the work I created involved paintings, digital illustrations, and many drawings using pen and ink mediums.
These creative processes pushed me to learn what makes the most appealing designs when it comes to 
footwear concept design and art.

High Heel Illustrations

High Heels Shoe Artwork

Pen & Ink Shoe Drawings

Shoe Drawings

Endless Creative Freedom + 3D Design

An infinite amount of possibilities can be created with 3D technology. Hollywood has established that for us through the power of cinema and animation.

However, it doesn't stop with motion pictures. 3D allows us to create powerful presentations with 3D rendering.
Product designers have been using 3D to create prototypes, models, and mold designs to serve consumers for decades.

Sneaker Footwear Design: MALi Brand

3D Sneaker Model
3D Sneaker Designer
3D Sneaker Brand Design
3D Fashion Branding

What's Creates Strong Visual Designs?


Imagination and creativity are the sparks that fuel eye-catching visual designs. It's about thinking outside the box to create unique, innovative designs that capture the viewer's attention.

Designers use creativity to play with colors, shapes, and textures, creating a visual experience that speaks to the audience in a way words can't.


The use of composition is the arrangement of elements in a design. It's about how different design parts — like images, text, and space — work together to create a unified whole.

Good composition guides the viewer's eyes across the design, ensuring that important details aren't overlooked.

Structure & Direction

Proper planning with structure and direction provides a sense of order and flow to a design.

The structure involves the layout and grid system, which organizes elements systematically, while direction refers to visual cues that guide the viewer's gaze throughout the design. Together, they make designs easy to understand and navigate.

3D Visualizing

Using 3D visualization brings designs to life by adding depth and realism. It uses perspective, shading, and texture to make objects appear three-dimensional.

This technique can make designs more engaging and immersive, allowing viewers to feel as though they can reach out and touch the elements in the design.

A Proof of Concept Design for Manufacturers and Investors

As a footwear designer, creating captivating proof of concept designs for manufacturers and investors is vital. I use my expertise and creativity to turn your ideas into visually stunning 3D designs. These help in presenting a compelling vision for your shoe brand.

“The future of any successful shoe brand starts with a solid proof of concept design.”

If you're in the early stages of making a prototype or you want to refine an existing idea, I'm here to help. I focus on making high-quality designs that stand out. Every detail, from materials to construction, is carefully considered. This brings your vision to life in a way that impresses both manufacturers and investors.

Sneaker Concept Design: AQ WAVES

sneaker logo
sneaker branding

Fine-Tuning Ideas into Reality

Collaboration is crucial for proof of concept designs. I work closely with you to know your brand identity and who your target audience is. This helps me tailor my designs to meet your goals and dreams.

I use detailed sketches and 3D renderings to show your concept visually. I consider comfort, functionality, and looks to make sure the final design is top-notch. It must not only look great but also perform well.

Differentiating Your Shoe Brand

In the tough market of footwear, standing out is vital. My unique proof of concept designs help your shoe brand be distinct. Whether your style is trendy or classic, I can design something that fits your needs.

I stay updated with the latest industry trends. This helps me bring fresh and innovative design ideas. I choose everything from the silhouette to materials carefully. The goal is to create designs that draw in consumers and leave a strong impression.

Womens Footwear (High Heels) - Kenïa Brand

Black High Heels Design
Black High Heels Design
Black High Heels Design
Luxury Heels Brand Design
Luxury Heels Brand Design
Luxury Heels Brand Design
Luxury Heels Brand Design
Kenia Brand Color
Fashion Brand and Logo Designer

High Heel Concept Design  - Nico Mura Brand

Learn how to design shoes in 3d with me. In a 4 hour shoe design tutorial series, I will take you from the pen and ink drawing to the complete 3D model of the following high heel I created, 100% Free on YouTube. 

You can watch all 4 parts of the tutorial series here (how to design shoes in 3d) a page I created with all of the resources I including drawings you can download to follow along, with the tutorial.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Software: Blender

Nico Mura Pair
Nico Mura Side
Nico Mura Detail 5

Proof of concept designs for fashion entrepreneurs

“When it comes to securing investments and partnerships, a compelling proof of concept design will always give you the edge.”

Picking me as your footwear designer means getting someone who can not only design well but also showcase your ideas effectively. With our combined effort, we'll make proof of concept 3D designs that really stand out. This can lead to new and great opportunities for your shoe brand.

Unlimited Creative Freedom in Footwear Design

As a footwear designer, my heart beats for endless creative options. I look to luxury shoes for new ideas and trends. This helps me offer a unique view in every design.

I strive to make fresh, innovative designs that stand out. Setting your brand apart is key. So, I pay great attention to making every design both beautiful and practical.

Choose me, and I'll help make your dream shoes come true. I put all my heart and know-how into each project. This ensures your brand shines through the footwears created. 

Nico Mura Detail 2
Nico Mura Detail 3
Nico Mura Detail 1
Nico Mura Pair Shot Two
Nico Mura Detail 4
3D Product Designer

Hire Me for Your Footwear Design Needs

Looking for a talented footwear designer? You're in the right place.

I have lots of experience in designing shoes. I know what makes shoes work well  structurally and also visually captivating.

Let me turn your ideas into a shoe brand success. I have a great attention to detail and a strong grasp of what's popular in shoes.

I love designing shoes that stand out. I mix style with comfort. This way, your shoes will be trendy but also easy to wear.

"A good shoe design is not just about looks; it should improve how the person feels and show off their style."

Services Offered:

  • Concept development and visualization
  • Technical drawings and specifications
  • 3D model creation
  • Trend analysis and market research

If you're launching a new shoe line or updating an old one, I can help. Work with me to design shoes that stand out. Let's turn your shoe ideas into something real.

Looking for the best footwear designer for your vision?
Get in touch today schedule a call to see if we're a good fit.

Custom projects start at $7k.

3D Modeling Portfolios

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