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Brand Designer Portfolio
Alcohol Branding Designer Portfolio
Brand Design Portfolio

The Most Professional Branding Designer Portfolio for You

What is branding?

Short answer: Branding is your reputation. Building a brand involves more than just your logo design.
The logo is the symbolic visual identity of your business. 

Your logo is a visual tool that will be significantly useful alongside your messages and brand voice to build your brand successfully through your campaigns.

How do you build a brand?

Short answer: Building a brand involves developing a brand story. having creative visuals designed for be consistent everywhere your business shows up (online and offline). It requires strategic thinking of product or service placements, marketing techniques with implementation, reputation management, and launching advertising campaigns.

All of these things encompass what it takes to build a brand, but more can always be done. It is not a one-solution for all thing. Branding is not hard, but it isn't simple by any means.

The following are designs created for entrepreneurs and startups to help bring their vision for their brands to life. From beauty branding to construction company logo designs.

Brand Design Portfolio Works

Case Study 1: Logo and promotional brand Designs

An example project created for the Deeper than Roots brand; the process that involves creating stunning hair product logos that works.

Logotype Variable: Classical Serif

Visual Elements: Organic and Asymmetrical

Hair Product Branding
Hair Company Logo
Haircare Product Branding Design
Haircare Branding
Brand Colors & Fonts Established by the Client

Sometimes, clients will come with their own specific brand colors and fonts. This was the case with this project; the main objective in design that needed to be refined was the icon/symbol element.

What About Colors? Green and Black

Black in mainstream marketing is often associated with prestige, authority, elegance, and protection.

Green on the other hand can represent growth, freshness, safety, balance, and revitalization.

Haircare Logo and Branding

The logo has been consistently used to build their presence. Alongside the advertising efforts, they've made since I created the design for their business.

Designs created for marketing and branding use:

Website Catalog and Social media marketing

Product Branding

Case Study 2: Fishing Brand Logo, Merch, and Package Design

Logotype Variable: Contemporary San-serif

Visual Elements: Modern and abstract

Fishing Logo
Fishing Company Brand Package Design
Fishing brand t-shirt design
Fishing brand package design

Designs created for marketing and branding use:

Social media marketing

Product designs and labels

Large promotional tools and assets

Case Study 3: JEWELRY STORE Logo and brand Design

Logotype Variable: Classical Serif

Visual Elements: Typography Focused and Monogram

3D Jewelry Brand Presentation
Jewelry Store Branding Design
Jewelry Branding Banner Designer
Jewelry Store Logo Design

Case Study 4: Alcohol Beverage Logo and package Design

Logotype Variable: Script

Visual Elements: Modern and Minimal

Alcohol branding
beverage logo design
rum brand logo
branding pattern design

Case Study 5: Junk Removal Logo and Brand Design

The following logo, branding and web design case study is a junk removal company based in South Florida called Evergreen Junk Removal.

Logotype Variable: Technical

Visual Elements: Abstract and Sharp

junk hauling business branding
junk removal company logo design
junk removal logo design
junk removal brand

Brand Designer Portfolio: Branding Design Pro


Tequila logo design & Tequila branding

tequila branding
Tequila brands packaging design
Tequila brands packaging
Tequila logo design

Fashion logo design & Fashion branding

Fashion branding
Fashion Logo Design
Fashion monogram
Fashion branding agency

Brand Designer Portfolio: Branding Design Pro

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