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Your Logo design is an emblem, symbol, and graphic mark that will build recognition for your business through the public eyes.

Defined by Lexico a “Logo” is symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. 

While Merriam-Webster define a "Logo" as an an identifying symbol (as for use in advertising).

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Mascot Logos + Iconic Logomarks

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These are a few illustrative mascot logos and icon logomarks created for past clients.
Do you know the difference between the two types of logos?

Continue to learn more about the different types logo types and their best applicational uses.

Why do companies use logos? 

In today's society we are bombarded with advertisements. Whether you are watching your favorite movie on a streaming site or browsing Youtube for your favorite podcast; unless you are paying a premium subscriptions, you will will run into ads.

In these ads 90% of the time you will see a logo. Company logos are crucial for their brand recognition over time. 

Having a strong brand identity is essential for success for both the large corporations and startup entrepreneurs alike.

And at the core of any brand's identity is its logo design.  

The Fascinating History of Logo Design

Logos have been around since the 1870s, starting with the first abstract logo—the Bass red triangle.

Today, almost every company, brand, or service has a logo that might include a special symbol, sign, or a mix of both.

However, out of the thousands of logos out there, only a few are instantly recognizable without seeing the name.

A great logo often combines a symbol and the company's name in a unique way, using special letters, colors, and shapes to stand out.

Take the Coca-Cola logo, for example. It's known worldwide not just because of its unique script and red color, but also because of its distinctive "ribbon wave" design. This helps people recognize it easily, even if it's written in a different language.

Logo design for brand Packaging

Exceptional Packaging Begins with a Memorable Logo

An abundant number of companies incorporate logos into their packaging, a practice particularly common among footwear brands.

Take, for example, the design created for "ALEX CLAUDE," a men's dress shoe brand that marries classic style with a modern visual direction. 

Along with uniquely manufactured packaging, these types of product presentations provide buyers with an unforgettable experience.

Great brand design can do more than just represent a business's focus and vision; it can build a lifelong base of supporters and fans of the brand.

Illustrative Logos vs Combination Logomarks

Illustration Mascot Logo Design Elements
  • Illustrative Logos: Detailed imagery depicting scenes, characters, or objects related to the brand.
  • Visual Details: Includes elements like landscapes, people, animals, or objects.
  • Purpose: Aims to tell a story or convey a brand message through rich visual content.
  • Ideal for: Brands seeking to establish a specific identity or message.
  • Examples: Starbucks mermaid, Lacoste crocodile, Twitter bird.
Combination Logomark Design Elements
  • Logomarks: Typographic logos featuring the brand name or initials in a stylized format with symbol elemets.
  • Focus on Typography: Utilizes creative typography techniques like custom fonts, letter spacing, and alignment.
  • Recognition: Relies on distinctive typography to make the brand recognizable and memorable.
  • Ideal for: Brands with short, memorable names or strong brand recognition, where additional graphics are unnecessary.
  • Examples: IBM, CNN, HBO.

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Crafting Distinctive Logos Across Diverse Industries

At Branding Design Pro, we pride ourselves on our versatility and expertise in creating distinctive logos that capture the essence of each brand.

With over a decade of experience, we've crafted unique visual identities for a diverse array of industries, including automotive, cosmetics, haircare, real estate, fragrance, and jewelry.

Whether you need a sleek monogram logo, a playful mascot, or an elegant logotype, our team is skilled in both raster and vector formats, ensuring that your brand logo not only looks fantastic but is also versatile across all media.

Let us bring your brand to life with a design that stands out and speaks directly to your audience.

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