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New York Logo Design Services and New York Graphic Design Services

New York Logo Design Services by Branding Design Pro

New York Logo Design | graphic design New York, NY

Graphic Design Logo Designer

Branding Design Pro was created to be a creative logo design and graphic design New York service provider. 

This website is operated and managed by Kenal Louis, illustration artist, graphic designer, and logo design expert Kenal Louis.

"Together Let's Create Bright Ideas To Help Your Brand Stand Out."

Offering Graphic Design Services New York | Branding Design Pro


graphic design New York NY



I'm Kenal Louis

Graphic Design and Logo Design


I'm Kenal Louis

New York Logo Design | graphic design New York NY | Graphic Designer

Mission Statement

My goal is to help professionals create memorable identities and develop their brand through bright ideas.

By developing a brand that is unforgettable, their business will continue to grow and become more profitable over time. Through brand recognition, their business leads will increase as well as their sales.



Experience In Graphic Design

Branding Design New York

Professional Graphic Design Services - Your Expert Freelance Logo Designer

Every logo on this page was created with different approaches in the design process. You will get to see why the particular design for each logo was chosen as you continue scrolling.

The logos were designed for entrepreneurs from different niches, such as; Music and Entertainment, Design, Insurance, Health Industry, Science, and more.

It only takes seven seconds for customers to form their first impression of your brand. Meaning, you can gain or lose a customer in a matter of a blink of an eye. If your product or service presentation is not visually appealing, getting your target audience’s attention is even challenging.

Instead of just focusing on your products or services’ quality, you also need to consider making a compelling logo for your brand. Your logo determines how your customers rate your trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism.

Creating a logo design may sound easy, but it is one of the most challenging designs to make. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution; hire Branding Design Pro to handle all your logo design and graphic design needs.

Thank you for dropping by my page. I’m an artist and professional graphic designer with more than ten years of industry experience. Not only will I help you create your dream logo and free consultations about the creative design process. I will guide you from start to finish of the project.

As one of the most trusted art and graphic design companies, Branding Design Pro takes your bright ideas and vision for brand identity into reality. I give you the best logo designs with a professional look.

Visual Identity

Did you know that your logo serves as your visual identity? The most popular brands and their logos are hard to separate.

In order for your business to be recognized from your logo alone, I am here to make it come true. I will help you create a iconic, memorable logo for your business. I make sure that your logo will accomplish four critical points: recall value, generate interest, a conversation starter, and brand loyalty.

Branding Design Pro offers professional logo and graphic design services. I handle logo design projects of all sizes, be it for product launches, advert designs, or album cover designs.

Let’s start creativity today and let your brand stand out.

Examples of My Graphic Design Work

Brand Package Design New York

Brand Package Design New York
Logo Design Portfolio New York

Logo Design Sign Mockup

Sketch To Vector Logo

Branding Logo Design New York, NY | New York Graphic Design services | New York Web Design, Graphic Designer

New York Logo Design | Branding Design Pro - Graphic Design New York

Graphic Design Reviews On Google and Thumbtack

Credibility and Creativity Combined!

In every design I make, i let my clients get involved. I want them to put a personal touch to the design as it can reflect the logo’s true message. I allow them to decide on the overall look of the logo or choose from my recommendations.

All my designs come in high-resolution quality. Even you go for a billboard size; you have nothing to worry about the blurriness. I make sure that the images will match both the original files and your needs. I give you plenty of creative logo design options.

I value credibility in everything I do. I have long been working with a wide array of small business owners since 2009. From real estate to independent music bands to insurance companies, I accept all sorts of niches.

In every design I make, I always combine credibility and creativity. Rest assured that my clients can expect quality work and creative results.

As a freelance graphic designer, I dedicate my time and effort to ensure that you’ll wind up with a logo that is a great representation of your company story, message, and identity.

Are you planning to make your first logo design? Then, I’m happy to help you.

Logo Design New york NY
New York Logo Design Services

Brand Logo Design Concepts

What Are You Set To Get For The Price

•    You can deposit a half payment advance and pay the remainder once you are pleased with the design.

•    The full ownership rights to the design and logo files are yours.

•    You will also get the original and high-resolution files for all the designs you ordered

•    You are set to get top-notch quality designs and a smooth collaboration with one good creative artist.

Vector Logo New York

Vector Logo New York

Raster Logo Design New York

Raster Logo Design New York

New York Logo Design Service - Logo Design Pricing

Drawing To Logo Illustrator

"Looking for a graphic designer to turn my drawing into a logo."

Do you already have a rough sketch that you just need to be brought to life digitally?

With this choice you can scan or photograph the idea and email it to me. I will work with you to bring the logo to life visually. Willing to work with you until are satisfied with the design based on your sketch/drawing.

Design Payment Format & Secure Payment Process

Before starting on the design project or any design related project I do require a half-down security deposit. Once the project is completed and the client is satisfied with the final agreed upon design, the remainder of the payment for the design must be paid in full.

Preferred and Secured Payment Method

Paypal Invoicing  (Email Receipts provided)  or Squareup Invoicing (Email Receipts provided)

Logo Design Pricing - Payment Via Paypal

Logo Design Pricing - Payment Via Paypal

Custom Logo Design Rate - Payment Via Squareup

Custom Logo Design Rate - Payment Via Squareup

Alternative 1: CashApp Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

Alternative 2: Zelle Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

Custom Logo Design | Create A Logo From A Sketch

NOTE: Email inquiry through the website first to schedule a call back.

Fill out the form to get started on a project.

Branding Design Pro Logo Design Inquiry

example. 888-888-8888

example. 888-888-8888

New York Graphic Design Services | Graphic Design New York NY | Graphic Designer Services

Why Logo Design Matters

In a nutshell, a logo is what defines a company. You can compare it to a picture that corresponds to a thousand words.

People are more capable of remembering graphic elements than remembering printed words. To create a well-designed logo, a little problem solving is essential. A graphic designer is responsible for guiding you into a logo design that is memorable and relatable.

Professional logo designers help create a logo that is original and innovative. It should be not only aesthetic but also psychological and function. Your logo needs to be self-explanatory and fulfill a purpose.

Good logo design is long-lasting and does not manipulate the audience. Besides, the design should be as small as possible.

So, why a logo is important, and how it can help your branding and marketing effort?

Logo Gives Identity to Your Business

Yes, your business can indeed exist and operate even without a logo. However, it will exist, function, and just that; your business will not grow.

With a logo, your business can have its own identity. It helps your target market identify the products or services you offer. It builds band identity.

The brand itself depicts the outer brand image. Your logo serves as a critical element in creating this image while creating the whole brand identity within. A logo also helps in shaping your company vision into a visual form that is easy to recognize.

Logo Creates Awareness

Do you want to create a brand image? Then, it would help if you created awareness about your products or services.

Through logo, you can differentiate your product or service and brand from other brands. Your logo can also be a deciding factor for customers as to whether or not they will buy your product or not.

Even when consumers buy a specific product of everyday use, any item with a logo tends to be more appealing.

Logo Sets Your Business Apart from Competitors

What does a business need to stand out from? Well, the answer is your competitors.

You are likely surrounded by businesses that offer the same products or services as you. So, your job is to make your brand stand out from the rest. To make this happen, you need to develop a completely unique marketing campaign.

Your logo will act as the driving force behind your marketing campaign. A professionally designed logo tends to be more eye-catching and attractive to a more extensive customer base.

New York Illustrator
Portrait Illustrator New york

Book Cover Graphic Designer | Book Cover Illustration | Book Cover Design Services

New York Book Cover Illustrator
New York Book Cover Designer

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Why Hire A Professional Logo Designer

Designing a logo is about helping a business owners get what they want and what’s best for the company. Professional designers use their experience and expertise to create a memorable and functional logo.

Logo designers do not only create a visual project; they also ensure they are meeting your printing and digital needs.

Of course, you can create a logo design by yourself. However, does it convey the message you want your audience to know about? So, below are the reasons why hiring a professional logo designer is always a better choice.

1. Offers Professional Designs and Images

To get the best look for your logo, then let the professionals handle it. Professional designers choose and use the right elements to make them reliable and memorable.

These designers have both the expertise and the experience to create professional designs and images. With their proven track record, you can have a peace of mind that you’ll end up with a logo you are expecting and what your customers would like to see and remember.

When you hire a professional designer, you’ll be working with someone dedicated to making your brand successful. Above all, your logo will have a professional look.

2. Conveys Your Brand Message

Hiring a professional logo designer does not necessarily mean that you will not take part in the process. They love collaborating with their clients for the best results.

Logo designers ensure that their expertise reflects on their work. However, their artistic freedom should not outshine your unique needs. They take everything you tell them, including your business, values, and target market. From there, they will come up with ideas that will make your logo visually stunning. They aim to exceed your expectations.

Professionals know that branding is about balance. There should be a balance between their vision and yours, and between a well-conveyed message and pure good looks.

3. Knows Whats In and Whats Out

It’s not surprising to see thousands of logos these days. However, only a small fraction of those logos are recognized by the consumers.

For sure, you don’t want to use a logo that you thought was original, but it is already done by someone else. Besides, you don’t want to have a brand logo similar to other companies and get mistaken to be theirs.

As you hire a professional logo designer, you will be collaborating with someone who knows the different types of logo designs that already exist today. They know precisely which logo will work and which one will not. Above all, they know the reason why.

4. Instills Trust Within Your Customers

No one should underestimate the power of logos. They are not just a simple image; they are derived from the overall image of a brand. They deliver a particular message to the audience.

Professional logo designers make sure that your message is conveyed to your customers through a logo. Every time your customer sees your logo, they remember how much they trust your brand.

Your logo helps in communicating with your customers in a better way. Most consumers skip reading the written details and jump into checking the pictures. While iconic brands have their logos with the simplest elements, they can still convey their message effectively.

5. Brings New Ideas

Creativity comes naturally to professional logo designers. When you hire the right designer, you can be sure that you’ll get a logo that came from fresh ideas.

These professionals will help you present your logo in a fun and unique way that will appear attention-grabbing to your customers. They are committed to helping you choose the right layouts, colors, fonts, and other elements to make your brand stand out.

Logo Design New york NY

What to Consider Before You Hire A Graphic Designer

A logo is effective in generating inspiration for marketing campaigns. It setups the foundation on how you will plan and strategize your marketing efforts. Plus, it will help you sort the different designs, fonts, and colors you will need to incorporate into your online presence.

Before you settle in a particular graphic designer, make sure to consider the following:

Experience Of The Designer

Experience of graphic designers at what they do can help you determine whether they can provide you quality work or not. Through their expertise, you can get better value and results. They can help you make your ideas into life as they completely understand and know what you want.

Cost of Design Service

Take a closer look at your budget. Determine if you can afford the designer you want to work with. Mind that the best graphic designers are often expensive. However, they are also professional that can work within your budget.

The Designer's Portfolio

To better the graphic designers, you can check their portfolios and look deeper into their previous work. From there, decide whether the creativity of the designer is enough to fit your needs or not. You can also use their portfolios to determine if their qualities are aligned with your vision and gain essential ideas of what you can expect from them.

Client Reviews About The Designer or Agency

Apart from portfolios, client reviews also give you insight into the designer’s previous projects and expectations. You can have a better idea of their previous projects and how they work with their clients. You can try contacting these clients and discover their overall working experience with a particular designer.

Willingness to Give and Open to Advice

One of the best things about experienced designers is that they have already overcome many challenges that improved their knowledge and skills. They are a great source of advice. This is helpful, especially if you have no idea about the design you want to produce.

It’s likewise an excellent idea to look for designers who are open to advice. They may offer advice, but they are still open to reconsidering some of your ideas. This way, you can have a more effective collaboration. They should understand that you also want to be part of the progress and overall process.

** Please fill out the form above to schedule a call or for an inquiry. I will respond within 24-48 hours .

Never hesitate investing time and money in your branding. I created Branding Design Pro to help you create a logo and provide services that works best for your brand identity.

Hire Branding Design Pro, and let’s start something great for your business. The best time to give your business its own identity is now. 

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