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The following beauty logo ideas were created for a makeup brand. 3D product design renders for beauty industry professionals and beauty entrepreneurs. Below are some of the detail thoughts and data that influenced this design project as I worked on the concept for the brand identity design.

Beauty Logo Ideas: Makeup Brand 1

Brand Name: ATHENA RED
Sub-Niche: High-End Beauty Equipment

Brand Colors: Deep Navy Blue & Dark Crimson
Audience Gender: Men and Women, 24-45

Defining the Brand Persona and Consumer Personalities

Primary Archetype: Ruler
Secondary Archetype: Outlaw

It is a bit rebellious for a beauty brand to fall into these two category types. When it comes to the industry standards of the beauty industry, there are a lot of look-alike brands. It is rare to come across a beauty brand that disrupts the industry and also thrive doing it.

The question that lead to the creative direction for this brand project was "do you want a look and feel that align with what everyone else have? or do you want to stand alone and make a statement in the beauty market?"

Beauty Logo Ideas

Beauty Logo Ideas Series: Design Concept 1

In this beauty branding case study I wanted to showcase the comprehensive thoughts that went into defining the client vision visually.

As a digital artist who prides himself on providing the best value to the entrepreneurs I work with, passion drives me and make every project I take on an exciting adventure. Creating logo designs and 3D product renders for brands is by far one of my favorite type of design projects to do.

From the consultation process which is a collaboration of ideas and exchanged thoughts. The data I gather with the clients during their brand personification process provides me a lot of information to brainstorm with.

Following our first step in the brand design process, the logo design to the package and product design is the most visual fun part of things. The brand colors we end up agreeing on are always expressive, symbolic, and communicate clearly what their client's goal is.

Comprehensive Design

The process is very comprehensive and thoughtful.

In this blog post, you will get to experience one of the visual projects I've designed for a beauty brand design.

Deep Navy Blue

CMYK COLOR CODE: 91, 78, 55, 71

RGB COLOR CODE: 0, 20, 39


Dark Crimson

CMYK COLOR CODE: 25, 94, 88, 21

RGB COLOR CODE: 158, 42, 43


Makeup Brand Design
Branding Designer for Beauty
3D Brush Model: 3D Visualizing 
3D Branding Design
3D Brand Design
Branding Design for the Beauty Brand: ATHENA RED
Beauty Branding Logo Design

A Sophisticated Rebel Brand

For this client, the design needed to embody sophistication, power, and what it means to be rebellious. The owner hired me because they wanted to stand out and not have a design similar to everyone else with their vision. They want to make a bold statement and have a design that would be professional, memorable, and strong.

ATHENA RED is a ruler/outlaw brand tailored in its design direction to attract those outlaws and ruler personalities of the world. 

The deep Crimson and navy tones used for the logo design the 3-D render and the packaging were chosen to be powerful and embody confidence. With the client on board, we both decided that the color scheme chosen matched what it means to be luxurious and rebellious.

What Goes Beyond Demographics?

Knowing demographics is more than just about gender or age range, but in defining this, we can work on a series of documents to pinpoint psychologically who the product would be marketed towards.

The design direction and color selection ultimately match the brand’s mission.

It is essential to define the brands, core values, personality, as well as their consumer personality and traits to have a consistent message. Not only visually but even in written form, moving forward as a business owner.

The client and I agreed not to create a design that had the same color palette and followed similar aesthetics as everyone else in their market.

List of Points That Will Aid You in Defining Your Brand Audience
  • Core Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Consumer Personality
  • Brand Message
  • Consumer Traits
  • Voice of Brand
  • Brand Mission
  • Color Theory Psychology
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Age Range
  • Brand Affinity
  • Audience Location

Many beauty industry, products and companies look alike. It is a safe way that they view they can achieve success and attract similar consumers. Honestly, this is a copycat method that doesn’t create a lifetime fan base for any business.

Daring to be different can have a more long-lasting impression mentally on someone experiencing a brand for the first time.

Beauty 3D Branding
Beauty Brand Logo Design
Beauty Branding Design

3D Model Render of the Beauty Brush Concept

The first product for the Athena red beauty brand is a Beauty foundation brush, which was created as a 3D model with aesthetics to match the brand vision.

The design came out, sleek and bold. Looking at the presentation, there is no doubt a person would feel that the materials used to create the product art of high-quality.

I believe the visual outcome establishes a visual trust with those who would decide to invest in the beauty Brands product.

We all judge the book by the cover. I am guilty of going to the library or even browsing online not just for books, but for equipment or tools and services and visiting people's websites.

If there is any doubt in my mind that the company or the person offering their product or service may not be the most trustworthy or highest quality, i’m backing away and look for another option.

For aspiring entrepreneurs planning to launch a new product or a business start-up, keep in mind that the first impression you make alongside the statements you guarantee to your future clients or customers will impact your success.

Be sure to hire a professional that can help you define those things with precision to achieve the best possible result in the long term.

Beauty Logo Ideas Series: Design Concept 1
Beauty Branding Logo Design
Beauty Logo Designer


Associated words used for the inspiration and development of the design direction according to the owner's vision for the brand visually.





As I developed the 3D product design for the beauty foundation brush. I kept the consumer personas in mind to help with with the color selection and overall symbolism behind the brand's identity. The influence of the consumer personas and archetypes along with these terms lead to the visual designs you see.

Every branding design project is created thoughtfully in a comprehensive process that deeply involves the client throughout the process.

From the very first consultation once onboarded as a client to the final presentation, I communicated day to day with the owner as progress is made with each stage of the design roadmap.

Are you doing research before you decide to hire digital artists for a project? book a consultation call today!

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The Most Powerful Beauty Logo Ideas for Beauty Brands

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