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Discover how this alcohol branding project can teach you to use brand archetypes and design to create a luxurious and adventurous experience for your audience.

Alcohol Branding: Beverage Brand

Brand Name: Sail to Monaco
Sub-Niche: Alcohol beverage brand

Brand Colors: Beige & Aqua Sea Tones
Audience Demographics: Men and Women, 21+

Defining the Brand Persona and Consumer Personalities

Primary Archetype: Explorer
Secondary Archetype: Lover

Explorers discover what others who won't dare to travel don't. Lovers care passionately in ways ways are unable to describe. Combining these two personalities helped created Sail to Monaco in the most reflective way possible.

Beverage Brand Logo Design

Alcohol Logo Design: Sail to Monaco

Sail to Monaco is a company that specializes in creating aged white rum. It was designed by two individuals inspired to produce a beverage that reflected a luxurious lifestyle. Sail to Monaco is a brand with a set type of archetypes with the personality traits of explorers and lovers.

The beverage will be marketed to the curious detail oriented and capture the value of traveling. Although the design is a modern brand logo concept, it still has a some artistic touch to it. The logo isn't so minimal that it's bland.

Taking Calculated Risks

Sail to Monaco is developed to fit the personality types of lovers and individuals who are explorers. The brand will create advertising and marketing that demonstrates curiosity. A trait explorers have whether they are actual sailors or individuals who love traveling internationally.

The consumer's Sail to Monaco will be marketed towards being unafraid to take risks in life because they know with risk comes reward, and to go where you've never gone, you have to do what you've never done.

Pattern and Typeface

Brand Pattern Design
Brand Logo Designer

CMYK COLOR CODE: 94, 62, 36, 16

RGB COLOR CODE: 12, 87, 118


CMYK COLOR CODE: 77, 24, 27, 1

RGB COLOR CODE: 45, 152, 173


CMYK COLOR CODE: 91, 78, 55, 71

RGB COLOR CODE: 187, 253, 253


CMYK COLOR CODE: 2, 16, 14, 0

RGB COLOR CODE: 247, 217, 207


Alcohol Branding
Alcohol Branding and Logo Design
3D Product Model: 3D Visualizing 
3D Brand Design
3D Branding

Created for the Explorers and Lovers

Being detail-oriented and passionate about the finer things in life, such as cultures and activities that nourish you mentally, is significantly important. In addition, lovers and explorers tend to have a deep appreciation for their experiences in other cultures.

For this reason, Sail to Monaco is a brand created to be ideal and fitting for these distinctive types of personalities that their consumers will have. Although the brand focuses on luxury and sophistication, there is a significant need to tie in the adventurous spirit and commitment to quality and establish a deeper connection with these individuals.

Therefore, the brand inspires consumers to drink rum to enjoy and savor the moments they are experiencing while drinking it.

Branding Design for the Beverage Brand: Sail To Monaco
Alcohol Logo Design

Beige and Aqua Sea Tones

The explorer and lover are two fundamental archetypes associated with the brand Sail to Monaco as the brand's visual design is created and developed. These archetypes aid in selecting the color tones, which came down to beige and Aqua sea tones.

For the curious, adventurous, and brave spirits Sail to Monaco will become a household brand recognized among that type of audience. The rum brand will represent freedom, independence, and what it means to pursue new experiences.

The lover archetype represents luxury and sophistication with a dash of romance. Hence, the beige color selection can also be associated with elegant simplicity and refined taste.

I selected the Aqua sea tones, a range of Aqua and blue variation hues. The sea tones are also calming and refreshing, which are traits the owners wanted to express and the future, along with all these different emotional elements the brand wants to be built around.

Food and Beverage Branding Design
Alcohol Product Label Branding
Rum Brand Design

Questions clients may ask:

Should I use a simple or complex design for my logo?

In designing a brand logo, the objective should be simplicity also created to be memorable and functioning. Design can be helpful and should be done effectively, not only to look flashy or dramatic. A simple logo can be easily recalled by someone who saw it once or is used to seeing it over time. Think of it as building a visual reputation and memory.

The opposite is true; a complex design and logo can be confusing and hard to recall. Complicated designs create a negative brand recall for anyone looking to create an exclusive membership sort of relationship with the audience.

It gets tough to distinguish a design when it's complicated and structured at a smaller scale. Not to say all logos should be as simple as the target store logo, concentric circles. But you have to agree whether you would see the logo on something the size of a quarter or on a billboard; you would recognize where you've seen it.

Creating a memorable logo that will effectively aid you while you launch your brand needs to be done correctly. For successful campaigns and products and further develop your advertising strategies, your designs need to be simple and genuinely focused on a purpose.

Not all logos need to be symbolic, but they should convey the core value and beliefs that your brand is working to establish or will work to establish.

Keeping your logo and other brand assets clear and concise will allow you to create a brand visually that will stand the test of time and be unforgettable.

Symbolism and Meaning in Design

Using a sailboat made sense when choosing a symbol representing exploration and embodying the spirit of adventure, dependence, and freedom. Sailboats are known to complement individuals and their journey to explore the open sea, discover hidden treasures, and have fun at the moment.

The brand's commitment to exploration as well as discovery is a priority. Along with that comes a deep passion inspired by the owner's visit to Monaco. Growing up in Martinique, traveling across the world to experience how the wealthy lived and the lifestyle in Monaco inspired them to create this beverage they believed would be irresistible.

Brand Label Wrap Design for Beverage Bottle

Alcohol Branding Logo Design

This Design Case Study:

Sale to Monaco is an alcoholic beverage brand inspired by the lifestyle of the rich and famous. However, you can still be rich and famous for enjoying the lasting memories you will have and the nostalgic moments associated with the taste designed to help you recall that moment.

It's crazy to think when it comes to alcohol, you could remember anything, but the power of taste can trigger memories for us. Taste has been proven to help us recall nostalgic memories from our past.

The brand package design ties everything together, from the messaging logo color scheme to Sail to Monaco's around mood. The images chosen and the typography selected for the project aesthetically tie all those different emotional elements and visual pieces together.

In design, creating, contrasting, and balancing takes you a long way. Balance can be symmetrical and asymmetrical, but it is a necessary part of creating any art or design that is captivating visually. The typography used in the entire project needed to be legible and clear, which I aim to accomplish with every project because it is necessary for the people viewing the products and person or online to be able to distinguish it clearly from any other competitor brand.

The designs will be seen on social media, their website, and the shelves of retail stores. Creating a professional and attractive design does wonders for a focused business and is built around a product.

Brand Package Design: Packaging Design Unwrap

brand package design





Illustrative logo design for a luxury beverage brand

All files, except the label and the package design, are created in vector format for delivery to the client. PDFs of the label and brand package design are created and transferred to the manufacturers producing the packaging. Local files and social media design assets are then submitted to the owners via Dropbox or Google Drive.

All in all, creating a brand design that is both sophisticated and made to spark curiosity was an exciting project to produce. A white rum created for the brave, curious lovers and explorers was accomplished with this completed alcohol branding design for sale to Monaco.

Are you doing research before you decide to hire brand and logo design studio or designer for a project? book a consultation call today!

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