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To launch your authentic brand.

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why work with Branding Design Pro?

The 4-Step Brand Defining Logo Design Matrix

Personify Brand Vision

We will define your brand's personality and characteristics in this first stage. Together we will brainstorm and exchange thoughts on the big picture of your long term brand message for your target audience.

Develop Logo Design & Prototype Concepts

Here is where we use the brand defined vision to create the variety of logo designs starting with 9-12 prototype designs, to refine with unlimited revisions until we get to a design you are satisfied with.

Create Brand Guide for Logo Use

A brand guide book will be created for future reference on how the logo may be utilize and to build consistency for your brand visually.

Final Presentation & High-Resolution Files Delivery

The final high-resolution files will be delivered to you in 5 format types, the brand guide, sign exclusive unlimited rights with complete ownership of the design for registration, trademarking, and copyrighting.

Branding Design Pro Team

Creative Brand Designer for Hire Kenal Louis


Studio Designer

Melissa Brown








Web Designer



PR Specialist

Experience in Graphic Design

You’ve probably done some research on logo designers. How’s the experience? There are plenty of professionals to take into consideration.

Whether it’s your first or second time to hire a graphic designer, it is still overwhelming to find the right specialist. Of course, you want the best for your company, and a hiring mistake is something you do not want to happen.

Branding Design Pro is happy to serve you! Here are the reasons why I’m trusted as a brand designer.

Fun Fact About Me

When I am not busy working on design projects for clients, I create digital artworks or traditional line drawings. A lot of which I share on my @Instagram page.

Kenal Louis

Branding Design Pro Creator & Logo Designer

I’m Kenal Louis, with comprehensive experience and in-depth expertise in graphic design. Before I became an artist, I worked as a retail manager, helping me develop my leadership skills and other professional competencies.

At a young age, I loved art, and as a teen I dreamed of establishing a company with a goal to provide a unique, stunning, and responsive logo. Years after, I was given the opportunity to run the Branding Design Pro.

Launched in 2018, Branding Design Pro continuously creates logos for businesses to establish a brand identity and market presence despite the competition. I develop designs that the client’s target audience could trust and remember. 

Portland Logo Designer

The Creative Workspace

Surrounded by creativity and inspiration to be imaginative daily.

  • 1-ON-1 PROCESS

Serving those looking for brand designers in Portland, Oregon with over 10+ years of design experience.

1-On-1 Process With Benefits

  1. You Own Unlimited Exclusive Rights To The Designs
  2. Clear and Open Communication 1-on-1 Throughout Process
  3. Quality Designs Composed From My Skills Acquired Over 10 Years
  4. Guide Book With Examples on How To Utilize The Logo
  5. Unlimited Revisions To Explore A Variety of Possibilities
  6. No Hidden or Additional Fees Pertaining To The Logo Project

More than 10 Years of Experience 

One-on-One Logo Design Service
I’ve been putting extra effort, time, and focus into any logo design project for 10 years now. I’m also proud to be a hands-on artist and graphic designer.

Unmatched Commitment
Since 2009, I have never felt bored and tired of creating branding designs for clients. I’m always dedicated to providing the best and the highest quality of services that my clients deserve.

I have attention to detail. I do not take shortcuts, making any project a great success. I am also committed to reach and exceed business expectations. Plus, I am meticulous in every logo design entrusted to me. 

Your happiness is my ultimate goal, so I accept multiple revisions to turn your ideas into a reality without additional expenses.

As an artist, I want to get the project done without revisions. That’s why I encourage every business to take an active part during logo development to save resources.

A Trusted Expert of Different Industries

I am proud to be trusted by any niche, from retail, independent music bands, insurance companies to real estate.

Whether you have an existing business in retail or are planning to launch a startup in real estate, you came to the right place!

Premium Logo Design Package Details

Vector Designs: Letter Mark, WordMark, Monogram, Emblem, Illustration

  • 1 Complete Finished Vector Logo
  • 9-12 Initial Designs To Choose From
  • Any Color Palette
  • Full-color version
  • 2 Greyscale/black and white versions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% Exclusive Unlimited Rights of Ownership
  • Signed and Notarized Full Ownership Release form
  • 10+ Year Experience Designer
  • Creative Direction
  • Phone call development and brainstorm sessions as needed
  • 7 Zoom Meetings for Screenshare sessions (15-30 minute Video Calls)
  • Typeface/Typography (Covers Up to 2+ Font Purchase licenses)
  • PDF Brand Guide Book For Logo Use with Color Codes
  • 5 High Resolution File Formats ( svg, png, jpp, pdf, ai)
  • Digital Transferred To You Via Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox
  • 14-21 Day Turnaround time for completion

testimonials & GOOGLE REVIEWS

Check what our clients say about Branding Design Pro

The end Logo we came to was beyond what I expected.

Zach | Business Owner


Automotive Company

Our logo design is becoming more and more recognized with our marketing strategies currently in motion.

Edwige | Business Owner


Junk Hauling COMPANY

5 stars doesn’t justify what he and his art has done for me and my brand. Keep inspiring King!

Joshua | Business Owner


Fashion Company

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Why Should You Hire an Experienced Logo Designer?

You’re perhaps enticed to take advantage of a logo designer with the cheapest service to cut down costs and save some cash.

But pause and ask yourself if this graphic designer could provide value and quality.

It is always a better hiring decision to entrust your logo to an experienced designer. While it might be expensive, you could have a logo that leads to web traffic, high client conversion, and a good ROI.

Here are the top reasons to let the expert make your dream logo happen:

Effective Design

Who wouldn’t feel happy to have a logo after a few months of waiting finally? Of course, every business owner would feel satisfied and confident.

Let’s say you have launched your brand, and nothing goes as planned even after a week. Imagine your sales stay the same, and your revenues decline. If yes, it’s time to re-create your logo, and a top specialist can make a difference.

The best professionals would spend their time to know your brand, use colors, pick fonts carefully, keep it simple, and make it scalable. They would also make it memorable, eye-catching, and timeless while encompassing your brand vibe.

Be Different

You’re lucky to engage in a niche that does not have a competition at all. But it won’t happen in a real-life situation. From retail, real estate to other industries, the competition gets fiercer than before.

How to be different from the rest? A unique logo can be a lifesaver. A professionally designed and compelling logo is a perfect tool to encourage visitors to make a purchase, increasing your customer base and market reach.

Instill Trust

Many small businesses ignore a logo until their revenues decrease. Some people just consider it an image. But do not overlook how it can play an indispensable part in your success.

As a brand’s overall image, logos are used to deliver a marketing message to customers. Therefore, it is imperative to communicate the right message to your target market. Make sure it has the honesty, and certified graphic designers can help.

Getting the trust of a group is a big concern for small or established companies. A well-designed logo can encourage people to trust their services.

Promote and Create Brand Awareness

You have quality services. You have an accommodating team. Still, it won’t suffice to differentiate your company from the competition.

Experts say that investing in a logo is a good beginning. When done right, it could create awareness about your brand.

As people search for your company, they would remember and recognize your business easily.

Save Time

As a business owner, you have important decisions to make, meet clients, attend conference meetings, and supervise employees.

Your schedule is hectic without a doubt, and you might not have ample time to develop your logo even if you have prior experience.

This is where an expert can come into play. You can focus on important business aspects while there’s someone who will create your logo.

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