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San Francisco Logo Design Studio: Branding Design Pro. 

Branding Design Pro is a brand logo design studio created and led by me, graphic designer Kenal Louis. Brand identity design, brand identity development, and logo design service for customers.

"Together Let's Create Bright Ideas To Help Your Brand Stand Apart."

SF Logo Design Studio | Logo Design San Francisco

I'm Kenal Louis

Branding Design Pro Creator & Graphic Designer


I'm Kenal Louis

San Francisco Logo Design | Graphic Design San Francisco CA | Graphic Designer

Mission Statement

My goal is to help professionals create memorable identities and develop their brand through bright ideas.

By developing a brand that is unforgettable, their business will continue to grow and become more profitable over time. Through brand recognition, their business leads will increase as well as their sales.



Experience In Graphic Design

Brand Design San Francisco

About Me

I am Kenal Louis, an artist and a graphic designer at Branding Design Pro, where I’ve been working for years. Branding Design Pro is a company that specializes in creating logos for businesses out there.

Apart from logo design, the company is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable consultations that can be enjoyed for free. If you don’t know how your logo should look like, I can guide you throughout the process.

In my experience as a graphic designer, I also encountered new businesses with the same situation, but now they are industry leaders. So, there’s nothing to worry about!

The Creative Workspace

Surrounded by creativity and inspiration to be imaginative daily.

Make Your Dream Logo Design Happen with the Right Designer

You’re launching a new business and searching for a logo design that would best represent your brand. Maybe, you have an existing logo design, but it does not work as it used to be.

While some rely on their in-house creative department, others trust the services of a certified and experienced professional.

Which is better? Hiring a capable and sought-after logo designer might be a perfect idea.

But with a lot of freelance logo designers in today’s market, it would be more tedious to choose the right expert for a logo design project of all sizes.

Worry no more! I’m here to help make your ideas happen, whether it’s a custom logo or a package design.

One of the main concerns for businesses is how to stand out from competitors. Consistent brand identity can play a significant role. As a designer, it is always my goal and priority to create and develop logos that help entrepreneurs and companies stand apart from the rest.

Package Design San Francisco

What Makes Me Different From Others?

Years of Experience

Before I became a graphic designer, I worked as a retail manager, which molded me as a professional.

In 2009, I finally started doing my craft and interests. Since then, I have been a part of countless logo design projects for small businesses. I’ve also designed Myspace page layouts for musicians.

For more than a decade of working as an artist, I have completed plenty of logo design jobs from retail, independent music bands, insurance companies, and other niches.

Whatever industry you engage in, I can help create your logos from scratch with attention to detail and without shortcuts. Clients’ satisfaction has been my top priority since 2009.

Examples of My Graphic Design Work

San Francisco Logo Design
san francisco logo designer
SF Logo Design

Graphic Design Reviews On Google and Thumbtack

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San Francisco Logo Design | Logo Designer San Francisco

Creative Designs in High Resolution

A logo promotes brand recognition, establishes professionalism, shows personality, competes with well-established companies, promotes services, and builds client loyalty.

But why is your logo not as effective as you wanted it to be? Perhaps, it is not that creative, unique, and interesting. It’s time to re-create your logo and achieve a good internet presence.

Whether your logo is not of good quality or interesting at all, I can assist. I have been creating designs that incite customer interest, convert a lead into a high-paying client, and promote a great investment return.

My designs are also available in high-resolution. You can convert your logo into different sizes without compromising its quality, crispness, and accuracy.

Sought-After and Competitively Priced Designs

Small businesses are afraid of hiring logo designers because of the cost, so they make it a DIY project, leading to unnecessary expenses over time.

At Branding Design Pro, I provide logo designs tailored to every client’s requirement and objective, which are also available at a competitive rate. You will not only enjoy a logo that increases a wider market reach but also save some cash.

I have several price options to reach your unique budget needs. Usually, my clients pay half of the price of the service. Then, they settle the rest when they are satisfied with the design. You can do the same thing. Contact me for more information!

A Collection of Designs

I have a wide collection of logo designs that I highly recommend. But it is not the final design as it requires some modification. My ideas, combined with yours, would result in something you’d never expect.

Of course, you can decide on a logo. Just tell me what you envision, and I will make it possible quickly.

Quick Design Development

You cannot afford to wait for a long time before your project is completed as a business owner. It is not only inconvenient but also expensive.

At Branding Design Pro, quick logo development or completion is my priority. I create designs according to my client’s schedule.

I get the project done right away to meet your deadlines without compromising the quality of results.

Well-Tailored Services

I believe every business is different; that’s why I cater solutions to customer’s unique needs.

A person’s expectation is different from others, so I don’t have a standard logo design. I always consider my clients whenever I develop their logos.

Logo Design Services
San Francisco Logo Design Services

Design Payment Format & Secure Payment Process

Before starting on the design project or any design related project I do require a half-down security deposit. Once the project is completed and the client is satisfied with the final agreed upon design, the remainder of the payment for the design must be paid in full.

Preferred and Secured Payment Method

Paypal Invoicing  (Email Receipts provided)  or Squareup Invoicing (Email Receipts provided)

Logo Design Pricing - Payment Via Paypal
Custom Logo Design Rate - Payment Via Squareup

Alternative 1: Zelle Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

Alternative 2: Bank Wire Transfer Invoicing (Email PDF Receipts Are Emailed Following Payment)

NOTE: Email inquiry through the website first to schedule a call back.

Fill out the form to get started on a project.

example. 888-888-8888

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San Francisco Logo Design Studio | San Francisco Logo Designers

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Graphic Designer

Logo development or creation has been in demand in recent years. No wonder why the number of graphic designers increases.

For some, it can be an advantage. But it could be a headache for others. Don’t worry! Here are a few factors to weigh in mind when selecting a graphic designer:

Identify Who You Need

While there are many factors to consider, it is important to determine who you need. You have two options, such as a freelancer and a regular employee.

Although hiring a regular employee is the go-to option for many, don’t underestimate the advantage of relying on a freelancer.

A freelance graphic designer is more cost-effective and practical. They can finish your project promptly without causing you a fortune.

Unlike a regular employee, looking for a reliable freelancer is convenient as there are websites to visit. With your computer, laptop, or mobile phone, you can access their portfolios, personal biography, and reviews. There’s no exhausting procedure to follow. But you also have to be careful.

Experience or Expertise

Who wants to hire a graphic designer that does not have enough and relevant experience? Nobody likes to waste money on someone that’s not qualified.

Whether you choose a regular employee or a freelancer, make sure the candidate is an expert. Yes, the services might be costly. But it would be worth it.

Portfolios & Other Samples of their Past Designs

It is also imperative to consider the projects that professionals have done as a graphic artist. You can request a copy of their portfolios to avoid any guessing game.

Additionally, ask for other samples of their work to measure the candidate’s creativity, attention to detail, professionalism, commitment, trustworthiness, and excellence.

Don’t just be swayed by the price. The expertise of the candidates is what matters the most.

Online Reviews

You probably have a list of graphic designers in mind, which is a good thing. Don’t just stick to someone right away. It is recommended to research other freelancers and not forget to compare the services by reading reviews online. Remove those who have negative reviews from your list and consider others.

Graphic Designer - San Francisco
Graphic Designer - San Francisco

** Please fill out the form above to schedule a call or for an inquiry. I will respond within 24-48 hours .

Have you been searching for logo designers without a good result? Your long wait is finally over with Branding Design Pro! Contact me now and schedule a free consultation.

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