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Are you searching for a product designer for hire to consider for your innovative product vision? This page will inspire your next project and prove to be helpful in starting on your vision.

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Hi, I'm Kenal Louis

Since my earliest days, a passion for art has coursed through my veins, evolving from childhood sketches to sophisticated 3D models and eye-catching designs.

With 10+ years of experience in graphic design, digital painting, and editorial photography, I bring a unique blend of creative flair and meticulous attention to detail to every project.

At Branding Design Pro, we don't just sketch ideas; we bring them to life. I work closely with inventors and entrepreneurs to create visually compelling designs that are ready for patenting and poised for production.

For business owners I also combine brand design & 3D modeling to create the best results for those also seeking branding packages.

Whether it's a new tech gadget, an eco-friendly package, or a unique consumer product, I ensure every design speaks volumes about its potential.

Branding & Product Designer

Kenal Louis

Art Direction

25+ years of creative art experience is brought into the art direction involving your product vision.

Design Thinking

The process is a collaborative process that involves design thinking with purpose driven focus.

Detail Attention

A keen level of attention to detail will be put into your project. Ultimate care is applied to your vision.

Let's make your Product vision tangible

Explore how my skills in 3D modeling and rendering can help you move from concept to market, ensuring your product meets and exceeds expectations.

Working closely with clients across diverse industries has been challenging and incredibly fulfilling. Each project involves a client-focused collaboration, leading to proofs of concept that paved the way for successful manufacturing relationships. 

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10 product design examples

Perfume Product Designer for Hire

Men's Fragrance Product Design: Desert King

Desert King is an essential accessory for modern men seeking to enhance their allure.

The fragrance's robust, earthy tones make it a go-to choice for business meetings and social events, setting a tone of confidence and distinction.

Product Brand Persona (Ruler & Hero)

Dominant, commanding, protective, empowering, ambitious, authoritative, courageous, resilient, influential, enduring.

Eyewear Product Designer for Hire

Eyewear Product Design: AVEKLAS

AVEKLAS eyewear combines functionality with fashion. It provides essential vision correction and UV protection while also serving as a statement piece in both casual and professional settings.

For businesses, these glasses enhance brand image, reflecting innovation and style.

Product Brand Persona (Creator & Explorer)

Innovative, imaginative, original, adventurous, independent, expressive, visionary, insightful, curious, dynamic.

Phone Product Designer for Hire

Cellphone Product Design: VUNE

VUNE smartphones are pivotal in today's connected world, offering communication, entertainment, and productivity tools.

For businesses, this device is indispensable for seamlessly managing operations, marketing, and customer service.

Product Brand Persona (Sage & Caregiver)

Accessible, friendly, reliable, wise, informative, helpful, dependable, realistic, understanding, knowledgeable.

Lipstick Product Design

Lipstick Product Design: Night Shade Beauty

Night Shade Beauty lipstick is a cosmetic staple that empowers wearers by boosting confidence and completing any look, from everyday wear to special occasions.

It's a high-margin product for retailers and salons that attracts fashion-conscious consumers.

Product Brand Persona (Lover & Creator)

Glamorous, captivating, playful, appealing, entertaining, alluring, stylish, charismatic, fun-loving, spontaneous.

Aviation Product Designer for Hire

Aircraft Model Product Design: AVION Z

AVION Z offers unparalleled luxury and convenience, providing time-saving travel for high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives.

It symbolizes status and efficiency in business circles, enhancing corporate branding and personal prestige.

Product Brand Persona (Ruler)

Prestigious, elite, powerful, influential, commanding, exclusive, decisive, sophisticated, respected.

Mens Footwear Product Designer for Hire

Oxford Dress Shoe Product Design: ALEX CLAUDE

ALEX CLAUDE Oxford shoes are essential for professional attire, offering a blend of classic style and comfort. They are crucial for creating a positive impression in business environments and formal events.

Product Brand Persona (Ruler)

Classic, refined, orderly, principled, structured, dignified, commanding, respectful, prestigious.

Fragrance Product Designer for Hire

Men's Fragrance Product Design: Mardo Vero

Mardo Vero is designed for the sophisticated user, perfect for enhancing personal style and creating memorable impressions. Its appeal in the consumer market is matched by its utility as a luxury gift in business relations.

Product Brand Persona (Lover & Explorer)

Passionate, sensual, adventurous, intimate, expressive, charming, daring, explorative, enthusiastic, captivating.

Beauty Brush Product Designer for Hire

Beauty Brush Product Design: ATHENA RED

ATHENA RED beauty brushes are key tools for everyday beauty routines and professional makeup artistry. They ensure flawless application and are a core product for cosmetic businesses, driving sales through quality and effectiveness.

Product Brand Persona (Lover & Rebel)

Passionate, sensual, adventurous, intimate, expressive, charming, daring, unconventional, enthusiastic, captivating.

Sneaker Product Designer for Hire

Men's Fragrance Personal Project

The sneaker design combine comfort with casual style, ideal for everyday wear and versatile enough to transition from personal to casual business settings. They reflect a relaxed, yet fashionable lifestyle.

High Heels Product Designer for Hire

High Heel Product Design: Personal Project

These high heels epitomize elegance and fashion, essential for formal gatherings and professional settings. They empower wearers by elevating style and confidence.


Why Hire a Professional for Your Product Design Needs?

In the fast-paced world of product development, the difference between success and failure often hinges on the clarity and appeal of your initial design presentations.

Hiring a professional product designer is not just an investment in quality; it's a strategic step toward ensuring your product stands out in a competitive market. Here's how a professional can make a difference:

Expertise in 3D Modeling and Rendering

A professional designer brings specialized skills in 3D modeling that transform basic sketches into detailed, lifelike digital representations.

These models are crucial for visualizing the product as it would appear in real life, allowing stakeholders to see, critique, and approve designs before moving into production.

Enhanced Visualization

3d product render

High-quality 3D renderings offer a realistic preview of the final product, including its textures, colors, and how it interacts with various lighting conditions.

Excellent visualization enhances the presentation and aids in marketing efforts, providing potential investors and customers with a compelling visual before the product is physically produced.

Ready for Patenting and Production

product design patent process

With professional 3D designs, you can have all the necessary visual materials ready for patent applications and for approaching manufacturers.

High-quality, detailed designs and renderings facilitate more transparent communication about the product's specifics, reducing misunderstandings and streamlining the production process.

Purposeful Design for Function and Form

Professional design goes beyond aesthetics. At Branding Design Pro, every design is crafted not only for visual accuracy but also for functional efficacy.

A function-focused design ensures the product looks good and works well in its intended environment, addressing real-world usability and consumer needs.

Iterative Revision Process

The design could be better on the first try. Hiring a professional means engaging in an iterative process where 3D models and renderings are continuously refined.

This process includes feedback loops, allowing for adjustments and improvements based on real-time critiques, ensuring the final product is as close to perfect as possible.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While initial costs might seem higher when hiring a professional, the long-term benefits include reduced corrections during manufacturing, less time spent on revisions, and a smoother path to market launch.

Professionals prevent costly mistakes early on by addressing potential design issues through advanced 3D modeling techniques.

Product Design for Hire Kenal Louis

Our collaboration together on a vision

In my approach to product design, I always strive to strike the perfect balance between imagination and functionality.

When I begin a project, my initial step is to let creativity flow freely, envisioning all the possibilities without constraints. 

This is where bold, innovative ideas are born. However, the true artistry in design emerges when we mold these ideas into practical, usable products. I focus on integrating smart, user-centric features that enhance everyday utility without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal.

Together, we navigate this creative process, ensuring that the final design not only captivates but also efficiently serves its intended purpose.

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