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by Kenal 

August 18, 2019

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer | Which Do You Choose?

The difference between a graphic artist vs graphic designer; what is the difference between the two forms of creatives?

Are you looking for a graphic designer or artist? Take a look below at the breakdown of the difference.

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Maybe because of the similarities with the names, or the fact that they both of the word 'graphic' on them, but oftentimes, people have made the mistake of believing that a graphic designer and are graphic artist have the same job descriptions, but that has turned out to be quite wrong as they are very much different from each other.

From their job descriptions to their learning method, in every way, they are different from each other.

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer

Graphic Artist Vs Graphic Designer Breakdown

  • While a graphic artist worries about the content that should be created, a graphic designer puts the already created design into play. Basically, the graphic artist creates while the graphic designer uses the already created artwork to make a design.

  • A graphic artist takes time in self and work development, they over the years look for things that they can create that can make them stand out, they need the popularity so that graphic designers can patronize them and use their arts for designs.

  • The graphic artist spend time trying to grow themselves and make themselves popular so that they can get patronized. Their mode of business is.

  • A graphic artist is usually just creative. They go to bed, wake up with a new creation in mind, and voila! They are creating it. 

  • No restraint, they can be just wild and free and expressive with his art, playing with colors as he deems fit, bringing to life what is in his mind, the typical artist's life, only instead of a paintbrush and a palette, they have a system. As it is in their heart, driven by passion.

Creative Traits & Characteristics

  1. Analytical
  2. Logical Thinker
  3. Focus on Triggering Action
  4. Problem-solving Approach
  5. Leans To The Left-brain
  6. Objective creative
  • The graphic designer brings together images, motion graphics and other times typography to make a design, all of these have already been created beforehand, by the graphic artist.

  • A graphic designer, on the other hand, doesn't need that much time to get good and to make money, their growth is based usually on their experiences, the more experienced they are the more job offers they get too.

  • A graphic designer can source the net, and gather enough experience in one month and get paid higher than a graphic artist who has spent time developing their skills because they need to be known to be patronized.

  • While a graphic designer is much more logical with these things. They need to work according to the guideline that was given, he/she knows what color should go where what line should go where, when what design is needed or not, where an artwork should go, the graphic design is not very expressive with his work, as most times  works according to certain guidelines or directives were given by the client.

  • So we can see now, that there is a glaring difference between both of them, and this difference matters and should be taken into consideration when in need of a job. Be sure you want either a graphic artist or a designer, as both job descriptions vary.

Creative Traits & Characteristics

  1. 100% Creative
  2. Expressionist Free Thinker
  3. Focused on Inspiring Mood
  4. Intuitive Creative
  5. Leans To The Right-brain
  6. Subjective or Abstract Creative

About the author 


I am always pushing the boundaries of my own imagination whenever I create an artwork. Whether it is a digital painting, traditional painting, or pen and ink drawing, I challenge myself with each creation. Follow me on Instagram @kenallouis to view stories and my most recent works in process and the ones I don't share on the website.

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  1. Kenal, you have some fantastic examples of your work and you look like a fun person to work with. You have some grammar errors you need to fix. Such as….

    "Working with me this the visual representation you will get. "

    You probably mean " this is the visual representation you will get".
    I get dinged all the time for errors in my text. I'd like to think it's a creative thing. Lol Cheers!

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