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This video is an introduction to the logo design for the brand identity process mini-series I am developing over time.

The series will feature 1-2 minute bitesize insightful videos that will benefit start-up business creators and entrepreneurs who are just diving into doing research for their business growth.

What’s the Purpose of the Logo Identity Video Series:

This series of videos will serve as in insightful database of thoughts, ideas, and insight that will prove valuable to any entrepreneur looking to scale their business. It will not only include concepts visually and only specific to logo design but also regarding business development and personal growth.

Why and I Sharing These Concepts:

In creating these videos I will build a connection with whoever comes across the continent but also learn as I share my perspective on the process. The core and root value the four step a logo design matrix I’ve developed over 10+ years has allowed me to experience as well as to be able to provide the best of my clients.

Where You Will Be Able To Follow the Series:

You will be able to follow the series on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and on in through the blog.

Whichever platform you mostly use you can choose to subscribe and follow their to have weekly updates with bite-size and potent information I will be sharing from my experience as well as research.

I look forward to creating more blog post as well as video contact for you.

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Video 1: Psychology in Logo Design: 

How Does Psychology in Design Create a Magnet for a Business

Short Answer:
Designs are made with a psychological approach to be symbolism visually to attract clients and consumers.

  1. Psychology is used to definite a brand's personality/characteristics.
  2. Psychology is used to define a target audience's personality type.

This post will be updated until the completion of the series!

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