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November 14, 2021

Best Jazz Christmas Album

The following is one of the best Contemporary Jazz Christmas album projects you can listen to during the holiday season. I created this smooth Jazz album cover design for instrumentalist and musician Jessie Boyce II. It is a project I am truly proud to have worked on and eager to share on the blog.

Beginning the Jazz Album Cover Design Project

Over the years I've been fortunate to design or create illustrations for album cover projects for some incredible musicians. Having worked with a wide range of musicians... occasionally, I would have musicians that send me their music to listen to for inspiration during the creative process of the project's cover art.

Have A Listen To The Holiday Groove EP

Among The Best Jazz Musician You Must Listen To:

Working with Jessie Boyce II on the cover design for Holiday Groove was a pleasure for many reasons. Even as I worked on the project, I was able to listen to it before it was released.

While working on the design concepts for the cover, the music brought me back to nostalgic moments where I recall listening to Kenny G as a kid with his also soothing saxophone Jazz and romantic classics.

The music also brought back some of my sweetest childhood memories around Christmas time. I know holiday and Christmas music has that effect on some people. Trust me, once you listen to Holiday Groove you will see what I mean.

Best Christmas Album Covers

Smooth Jazz Album Cover Design | Music Album Cover Design

Holiday Groove was just as refreshing to listen to during the holiday season. The warm, joyful, peaceful and serene sound with the fun twist Jessie produced the tracks with will make you a fan of his musical creativity!

The Front Cover Design

Jazz Album Cover Design

The Back Cover Design

Smooth Jazz Album Cover Design

The following are a bit of behind the scene example of the amount of revisions and design alternatives we collaborated on to get to the final cover design for Holiday Groove. Now, imagine the same process in the music creation, recording, performance, and mixing to get the high quality sound Jessie envisioned.

I hope this gave you a bit more appreciate the music project in it's entirety!

Album Cover Design Project Behind The Scene

Jazz Album Cover Art
Design Components
Jazz Album Cover Design
Promotional Graphic Design

Love what you hear from this gifted musician? You can follow this jazz musician on Instagram: @jessielboyce

If you are in need of a graphic designer or visual artist for a cover art for an upcoming project. Feel free to reach out schedule a call and or get a quote via the contact page.

Kenal Louis

I am always pushing the boundaries of my own imagination whenever I create an artwork. Whether it is a digital painting, traditional painting, or pen and ink drawing, I challenge myself with each creation. Follow me on Instagram @kenallouis to view stories and my most recent works in process and the ones I don't share on the website.

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