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April 18, 2021

Album Cover Designer For Hire

Hire one of the most creative album cover artists for hire to bring your vision to life for your music project. Looking for an album cover designer for hire? Need an awesome single cover or album art for your next music project? 

Scroll down to read and to see my work. If you like what you see reach out to me regarding starting on a project. Cover art rates are also listed below. 

Album Cover Design & Album Cover Art Portfolio
Album Cover Design Services - Album Cover Designer For Hire - Album Cover Art

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The Album Artwork Artist

Kenal Louis

"Let's create something captivating."

Free Design Consultation  

Thank you for visiting the page, my name is Kenal Louis and I provide high quality album art for musicians. Be sure to go through the packages shared towards the bottom of the page to see which one will better fit your album art idea and your budget. Reach out to me regarding your free consultation.

Album Cover Artists For Hire

An Expert Graphic Artist Who Specialize In Creating High Quality Album Covers

I am going to say that I am the right artist for you, but I think a first call and conversation is always important for any service based business. The reason it's important we speak is for something called "comfort". I would like you to be comfortable after the first call before moving forward.

I am a real person and a real illustrator who literally makes art everyday, which you can see on my art page on Instagram for yourself. Whatever you have in mind, I am confident I can help you bring it to life visually.

I provide a lot more than just album cover design services. If you are interested in another design related service such as a book cover, poster art, t-shirts, etc. simply reach out to me to schedule a call.

Digital Paintings and Digital Illustrations

Digital Painting
Digital Painting

Album Cover Artists For Hire - Artworks of Zendaya

Album Cover Artists For Hire - Artwork of Zendaya
Album Cover Artists For Hire - Artwork of Zendaya

Celebrities Like My Art 

Some of the most current celebrities like Actress/Musician Zendaya, Supermodel Winnie Harlow, Singer/Musician Miguel, Ro James, SZA, and many more have liked my art on Instagram.

Two celebrities have even shared my art a while back, Amandla Stenberg and Trevor Jackson. I was surprised, but it inspired me to keep creating.

Published Artist
My artworks have been featured on AFROPUNKBASIC Magazine (Beverly Hills Publication), Eat Sleep Draw, and many more.

I Am Just Getting Started. 

Why You Should Hire Me As Your Cover Art Artist

  • Get the best and most creative and high quality album art for your LP, EP or Single Cover. 
  • I provide a one on one creative service experience where I serve as your art director or visual illustrator.


Complex Line Art for Album Cover Design

Cover Art of Line Art
Band T-Shirt Design
Abstract Line Art

Album Cover Design Services

Album Cover Designer For Hire

Album Cover Project | Album Cover Service

  • Your Album Cover Will Be Unforgettable

    Think of your favorite band or music... Michael Jackson, Madonna, Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Snoop Dogg, Pink Floyd, Beyonce, and the list goes on. I am sure you can think of 1 or 2 of their album covers when you think of them or their music.

    That is the power of an unforgettable album cover art.
  • Capture The Attention Of Viewers Who "Judge The Book By The Cover"

    The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" is pretty accurate. People do judge books by their cover and music is the same way. Think about it. Would you even think about listening to a song if you saw their album cover and it looks like bad artwork or design? Maybe if you already knew the band and wanted to give them a chance. Truth be told the answer is no. If the cover looks like it cost $50 dollars or $100 then it might not be very good music.

    This is where my high quality album art cover service come into play. I will deliver only the best work for you.

    Not saying that an album cover makes a song sound good, but it surely compliments the appeal of the project.
  • Look Official and Serious About Your Identity With Your Music

    This is pretty clear. If you sound the best, have the best photoshoots, best outfits when you are performing... you need the best album cover art. I can provide you that album cover art that will bring your vision to life and also wow your fans and new audience.

    Be different!
    Be original!
    Be official!
    Be great!

**Since the time of this post, I am no longer accepting album cover design inquiries. My primary focus and discipline is logo design.

Kenal Louis

Since I am putting myself out there a person, individual and professional I intend on delivering on everything we discussed. I am great at what I do and very passionate about offering the VERY BEST work I can for others.

  • My work is a reflection of me.
  • My service is a reflection of me.
  • My credibility is VERY important to me.
  • I only shoot to create high quality album covers and designs

I will deliver. If I know there is any chance at all that I cannot complete a project I will let you know from our first call, which is VERY rare.

Again I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and doing it well. So what are you waiting for email me today to schedule your free design consultation!

Get In Touch To Start On A Project. Fill Out The Form Below To Schedule A Call.

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** Please fill out the form on the contact page to schedule a call or for an inquiry. I will respond within 24-48 hours .

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Days: Monday - Friday
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Services Offered Nationwide

Available to do a video zoom meeting. Either way you would be working with a reliable designer and creative graphic artist who will give you his best. I believe clear communication and transparency leads to the best project results. My goal is to help my clients bring their visions to life with the use of graphic design.

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Kenal Louis

I am always pushing the boundaries of my own imagination whenever I create an artwork. Whether it is a digital painting, traditional painting, or pen and ink drawing, I challenge myself with each creation. Follow me on Instagram @kenallouis to view stories and my most recent works in process and the ones I don't share on the website.

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