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hair products logo design & Branding

Best Graphic Design Portfolio - Hair Profucts Logo Design

sunglasses logo design & 3D Render

Sunglasses Logo Design

junk removal logo design & Branding

Junk Removal Logo

alcohol branding (Logo, Label, 3D bottle)

Alcohol Branding

3D sneaker design

3D Sneaker Design


Alcohol Branding Designer

aviation logo design & 3D Concept

Aviation Logo Design

fragrance branding (Logo, Packaging)

Fragrance Branding - Best Graphic Designer Portfolio

Branding Design Pro's Custom Graphic Design Services

Branding Design Pro specializes in bespoke graphic design services essential to businesses aiming to establish a robust market presence.

Our expertise spans Logo Design, Packaging Design, Branding Packages, 3D Modeling, and Render Visualization – each a vital element in building a successful brand.

Logo Designs

Your logo is the face of your brand. It's not just a symbol; it's a powerful tool for making your business memorable.

At Branding Design Pro, we create logos that are the essence of your company's identity, ensuring that they are not just seen but remembered.

Packaging Designs

Packaging is more than a container; it's the first touchpoint of consumer interaction.

Our packaging designs stand out on the shelf and connect with consumers, combining form, function, and aesthetics not just to compliment your product but also to captivate your audience.

Branding Packages

Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services.

Our branding packages are tailored to convey your business's story consistently and clearly across all mediums, from print to digital, ensuring a coherent brand experience that fosters trust and loyalty.

3D Modeling and 3D Render Visualization

Bring your products to life with our 3D services, which provide a powerful preview of your offerings.

This technology allows high-impact visuals that accelerate your marketing and product development, offering a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional photography.

Learn more: 3D Product Renderings

In a global economy where consumers have endless options, businesses must leverage every opportunity to make an impact. Graphic design is no longer a luxury; it's a central part of a successful business strategy.

A strong brand identity distinguishes you from competitors, communicates the quality of your products or services, and creates an emotional connection with your audience.

Featured Past Client Video Reviews

Johnny Jigs, a company focused on specialized slow-pitch jigs and fishing education, has collaborated enjoyably with its partners since 2020 on creating a distinctive logo and cohesive packaging designs for its brand.

Johnny from Johnny Jigs (Fishing Brand)

Peter is a visionary musician whose compositions transcend rhythm and lyrics, aiming to inspire change in his audience. Collaborating with him ensures a creative process focused on impactful, functional music.

Peter from Peter Lawrence Band ( Music Brand)

The Most Creative and Best Graphic Design Portfolio Works

All designs and illustrations we're created by Graphic Designer and Artist Kenal Louis.

Digital Paintings and Artwork Illustrations

Digital paintings and illustrations serve as compelling visual tools that can encapsulate and amplify brand storytelling, engaging audiences with their vivid portrayal of narrative elements.

The Greatest Show

Take, for instance, the cinema posters of "The Greatest Showman." Through a harmonious blend of digital artistry and design, these posters capture the essence of the film's spectacle and heart, encapsulating the razzle-dazzle of the circus and the emotional journey of its characters.

Each brushstroke and pixel is meticulously crafted to evoke curiosity and wonder, pulling the audience into the world of the showman even before the first scene unfolds.

Similarly, in the realm of fashion, digital illustrations play a pivotal role. They not only showcase garments and accessories but also embody the lifestyle and emotional tone of the brand, telling a story that resonates with the viewer's aspirations and dreams.

The fluid lines and vibrant colors of fashion sketches translate the brand's narrative into a visual language of elegance, rebellion, or innovation. 

movie poster design Art

Movie Poster Design Art

musician album cover design

musician album cover design


Musician album covers are another canvas where digital artistry thrives in conveying stories.

These covers are not mere protective sleeves for the vinyl or CD; they are a visual prelude to the auditory journey within. They encapsulate the themes, the mood, and the soul of the music, often becoming iconic symbols in their own right.

The cover art becomes synonymous with the music, such as Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" or Nirvana's "Nevermind," where the imagery is inextricably linked to the listener's experience.


Digital paintings and illustrations in these contexts are not just adjuncts to the narrative; they are integral threads woven into the very fabric of the brand's story, captivating and communicating with an audience in the most visually engaging manner.

Blue Portrait Painting

blue portrait painting goddess wall art

modern fashion illustration

Modern Fashion Illustration

custom apparel design

Fashion illustration for leasure wear

Line Drawing

Digital Paintings and Artwork Illustrations

graphic sweatshirt & fleece Design

graphic sweatshirt and fleece

gaming graphic design

Youtube Gamer Logo and Branding

graphic sweatshirt & fleece Design

Sweatshirt Graphic Design

nft illustration

NFT Graphic Designer

Brand Illustration Pros

High Engagement

Digital art often features vibrant and attention-grabbing visuals that can increase consumer engagement.


Illustrations can be easily adapted across various platforms and formats, from social media to large print ads.

Brand Identity

Custom illustrations can encapsulate a brand's unique identity, telling its story visually and distinctively.

Emotional Connection

Art can evoke emotions and create a personal connection with the audience, fostering brand loyalty.


Once created, digital art can be reproduced at no additional cost, unlike traditional media which may require printing or physical production.

Brand Illustration Cons


The digital space is crowded, and without a unique approach, illustrations can blend in rather than stand out.

Time-Consuming Creation

High-quality digital paintings can take considerable time to create, requiring skilled artists.

Trend Dependence

Trends in digital art change rapidly; what's popular today might look dated tomorrow.


The artistic interpretation might not always align with brand values or may be misinterpreted by the audience.


Technical Limitations

Digital illustrations may require specific technologies or platforms to display correctly, which can be limiting in some contexts.

Brand Refined Custom Logo Designs

Your logo is the banner of your business, a flag that flies high, signaling your presence and proclaiming your brand's values to the world. At Branding Design Pro, we recognize the power of this symbol and are dedicated to crafting the most suitable logo designs for entrepreneurs.

Our approach is meticulous and grounded in the principles of psychology, discovery, brand color theory, and composition. We refine the logo design process over 10+ years to embed the essence of your brand into a singular mark that captures attention, defines identity, and builds enduring recognition.

With our expert guidance, your logo will stand as a testament to your brand's unique story and promise, a beacon that draws customers and inspires loyalty.

Roblox Gamer logo Design
Logo Design Portfolio - Psychology Logo Design
Construction Logo Design
Haircare Logo Design

3D Model and Rendering
(Product Design & Visualization)

3D Model and Rendering

Pen and Ink Drawing
(Hand-made illustrations)

Shoe Drawings

Local Business Graphic Design & Visual Branding
(Logo Designs for Regional Branding and Marketing)

Los Angeles Logo Design
Miami Logo Design

If you're steering a local business and wondering how to make your brand resonate within your community and beyond, rest assured that Branding Design Pro has a proven track record of amplifying the presence of local brands on a national scale.

Los Angeles to Miami Restaurant Logo & Branding

From the vibrant streets of Miami, Florida, to the bustling avenues of Los Angeles, we've collaborated with a diverse array of businesses to enhance their brand identity.

Take, for example, the "Los Angeles Surf Club," where we captured the free-spirited essence of the West Coast, and the "Miami Seaside Cafe" Miami logo and brand design, which now epitomizes the warmth and allure of the Atlantic shore.

These case studies exemplify our adaptability and breadth in creative direction, demonstrating our ability to craft a visual language that speaks directly to your local clientele and appeals to a broader audience.

With Branding Design Pro, your local business is poised to make a profound impact, both within your neighborhood and beyond.

Branding Design PRo's Graphic Design Portfolio Clients

More Video and written reviews

Emily is a musician who blends her love for music, spirituality, and empowerment into her unique, thought-provoking work, creating resonant music with a distinct style.



Prophete Insurance Agency, led by James, is an independent firm offering specialized Life & Health Insurance from top providers, focusing on guiding clients to make well-informed coverage choices.


Financial Services Professional


Kenal was super professional and patient with us as we went back and forth over how we envisioned our design. We walked away with something we LOVE. I highly recommend working with Kenal!


Entrepreneur & Podcast Host


Kenal Lewis greatest wonderful banners for my business and all my social media. He took the time to understand my branding and what I offer. When I saw what he created the first time I was so impressed. Kenal does FABULOUS work!!!


Entrepreneur & Coach

Josh Clancy

Kenal is amazing at what he does and he delivers EVERYTIME (and some). What he stands for and the energy that he gives off through his art is powerful. I never physically meet this guy but from working with him and being a recipient of his art you wouldn't be able to tell. 5 stars doesn’t justify what he and his art has done for me and my brand. Keep inspiring King!


Urban Brand Owner ((Recurring Client))

Zach Haver

I talked to several company's about Logo Design In Omaha and found Branding Design Pro. Kenal Logo Design was above expectations and the way I was walked thought the process was great. I would recommend anyone looking to Redesigning Logo or Designing Logo to call. The end Logo we came to was beyond what I expected.


Automotive Shop Owner

Beauty Branding Design
Beauty Brand Designer
brand package design
Alcohol Logo Design

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