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Are you looking the best freelance graphic designer for your project? 

My name is Kenal Louis, I am a creative graphic designer and digital illustrator who can help you bring your vision to life visually through design and art. For 10+ years I've worked 1-on-1 with clients, which has allowed me to create on of the best graphic design portfolios online.

Below you will see some of my designs and illustrations. Feel free to continue reading or visit the portfolio and get in touch if you want to discuss a project.

Freelance Designer
Best graphic design portfolio
Los Angeles Logo Design
Fashion illustration for leasure wear

The Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced Designer 

It can be very easy making the decision to opt for any graphic designer or somebody who is just capable enough to put colors together. You are probably into other things that you feel are more important for your business and you neglect what? The image of your business? Which is quite wrong.

As intangible as a brand logo and any other graphic means of portraying your business might seem, it is very important to take it seriously. There's a reason why you're thrilled seeing some brands without even getting to know what they produce yet?

Have you ever seen a logo or graphic work and then you just start to feel excited or sometimes hungry? That's it right there. That's the sort of graphic job we are talking about. The ones that spark up a reaction.

Graphic T-shirt Apparel Design
Youtube Gamer Logo and Branding


Single Cover Design
Cover Artwork

Experience and quality equals Pro

However, you don't just get this sort of jobs cheaply or by assigning them to just anybody. 

A professional graphics designer must have spent a considerable number of years at his job. He would be using the best of software available. Even when you have a very clear idea of what you want, a professional graphic designer would still be able to add a touch of his creativity on your job.

They would also be able to offer advice since they have experience with other clients. There are many more reasons why you would need a pro on your job.

Time is money

This goes a little deeper than just revealing to you what virtually everyone knows about already; time is money. There are a few things better than a 2-in-1 package; save time and money. However, this is a fair deal too. A professional has the dexterity required to get your job done in the shortest time possible.

Think about years of experience and the best tools at their disposal. When you save time working on your logo, you save money from recurring mistakes. You're shielded from stuff that doesn't make the cut for you and save time re-assign the job over. With all this time gone, you could have had a quality visual design working for you already.

Dining Restaurant Logo Design

Easy Communication

No extremes here, but professional graphic designers can give you a good design by just having a look at what you are all about. Knowing the type of business you're into, your vision and philosophies.

You can get a design more than fair enough, especially when you don't have anything in mind.

Asides from quality work, an experienced and qualified graphic designer have already dedicated all of his time to this job. So they will be very flexible and have all the time to work on your designs. You would also have complete attention from them.

This might not be all the reasons that you need to make the right decision to hire a professional designer; but it should be enough to show you that your brand would be better off if you hire a professional to give your brand the image outlook that it deserves.

What is the difference between a graphic designer and graphic artist?

The terms “graphic designer” and “graphic artist” are often used interchangeably, but seeing both of them as the same is a lot like seeing football players and baseball players as the same just because they are both athletes. There are key differences, though there also are similarities.

The best digital artists create works that are born from or meant to communicate, entertain or convey an emotion or feeling, or are meant to set a mood. Digital artists craft scenes and images using visual media such a drawings, photographs, and computer-generated images.

Graphic designers, on the other hand, solve visual communication problems with images and text. The key goal of graphic designers is to convey a message that causes the viewer to take some kind of action.

This could mean getting a website visitor to move his eyes down the page or causing a potential consumer to identify with a logo or symbol. Artistic appeal is secondary to function, and the layout is meant to lead the eye in a natural sequence.

Graphic designers are often employed by companies to provide a coherent visual message for an ad campaign or to help a company develop a visual brand identity. This work can include website design, product packaging, adverts design, and creation of a logo.

Freelance Graphics Designer
Artist or Designer

Graphic Artists are typically employed in screen print shops, manufacturing, and production type jobs. Digital artists could even be illustrators that work on very graphic mediums such as in cartoon/comic book houses, publishing houses and advertising agencies. Their works can include designing product packaging, making book illustrations, graphic novels and company logos.

With regards to their educational training (which is not always a prerequisite as talent, skills, knacks and experience), both designers and artists attend post-secondary institutions to receive a diploma or bachelor’s degree before entering the workforce.

Although graphic arts students receive some graphic design training, their coursework dwells largely on fine arts courses such as drawing, painting and art history; graphic design degrees often require concentration on a specific field, such as product design, branding publication design, or website design.

Design students take specific training in design, color, typography, information management, concept development and more, and are trained to filter information through a process to design.

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