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When did t-shirts first become popular?

T-shirts are probably the most comfortable and popular clothing brand merch known to humans. It has never gone out of fashion; it's what you'd call a constant. It has existed quite some time and here is how it came into existence.

History of t-shirts:

The first time t-shirts were seen in was sometime during the Spanish-American war between the year 1898 to the year 1913. They were issued to soldiers by the navy to act as thick underwear. They were white in color and the soldiers were required to wear them underneath their uniforms.

Somehow it moved from just being an army underwear to a normal wear, as crew members would sometimes take off their uniform jackets during leisure hours or parties and wear just the t-shirt on their pants, the main reason being that they didn't want to have to soil their uniforms, so the t-shirts could get soiled and easily be covered up by the jacket eventually.

It soon became popular among not only the crew members, or the navy, but everyone else. Its easy wash nature and affordability made it become usual underwear for factory workers, engineers, basically everyone who needed underwear beneath work clothes.

Eventually, it got made into different colors and was given to young boys and by the 1960s t-shirts had become very popular among both sexes and had gone from being just plain to having graphic designs and written messages on them.

From its inception till now, t-shirts have successfully stayed unbeaten in fashion, different designs have come out, different designers like Calvin Klein, Polo and a few others have released their own designs of t-shirts into the markets. T-shirts won't be going away for another century, as it seems like the go to outfit for comfort.

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7 Reasons To Hire A Freelance T Shirt Designer To Create Designs For Your T-shirt Company

Having a t-shirt with design makes it stand out from other t-shirts out in the market. A t-shirt with a design appeals more to the consumer than a t-shirt without a design. People are wired to pay attention to what design is on a t-shirt before they even pay attention to the person wearing it.

A t-shirt with the inscription 'we should all be laughing' attached to a big smiley face already makes the person looking at it laugh before they see the person wearing the t-shirt. Oftentimes, people buy t-shirts with designs more than they buy plain t-shirts.

Now you don't just ask anyone to create a design for your t-shirt, it has to be something creative and professional and that's where the work of the graphic designer comes in. You might say "it's just a t-shirt, the fuss is not needed", well here are 7 solid reasons why you should hire a graphic designer to create designs for your t-shirts company.

Pride T-Shirt Designers

The following is an example of a pride shirts illustration I created in celebration of LGBTQ Pride. 

1: You save money: 

T-shirt production happens in bulk. It's not one or two or three you're printing, it's two hundred, thousands. Getting a graphic designer definitely cuts the cost for you whne you hire a professional to create the best design for you, that you won't regret and have to rehire to get it done to your satisfaction..

2: Consistency: 

A freelance graphic designer gives your t-shirts a look that's quite unique, so there is always going to be something that points out to your T-shirts, that they all know, it's yours.

3: To make a statement: 

Each t-shirt is known because of how it looks and what design it has, a graphic designer will give you a design that will stand out.

4: To reach your consumer: 

A graphic designer knows what the consumer wants because he makes his research, so he fits it into what plan you have in your mind, and makes a design that the customers would love.

5: Lesser mistakes: 

A graphic artist is wired to get his design right the first time. So if there are any adjustments, be rest assured it would not involve a total overhauling of the whole design, they are professionals, they are wired to make lesser mistakes.

6: You save time:  

The shirts are made in bulk, so it's next to impossible for you who is not a professional to get all the designs done in time for the production to start, that's why they are there, it's their job, so expect a quick reply and self-accountability.

If, you do not sense that from a first meeting. The designer is probably not the best fit for your vision. That's okay too. Continue your search.

7: They make marketing quite easy: 

When your design is good, you do not need to market it for such a long time, the design usually sells itself. It doesn't stress you as the producer. It just goes on and catches the attention of the customer.

You have seen the reasons a graphics designer is recommended making the designs for your t-shirt company. Importantly, when searching for a graphic artist for your t-shirt company, be sure to get a professional who won't rip you of your money and give you a below-par design.

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