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Graphic Design Services: Logo Design and Branding Services

Are you looking for a professional logo design and branding services graphic designer who can bring your vision to life? With over 10+ years experience I can help. I offer logo graphic design services for startups, entrepreneurs, and company rebranding.

I help driven decision-makers bring the vision for their dream company to life through my four-step logo design matrix. Once completed, they are then ready to launch their authentic brand to attract their ideal audience.

(The brand logo design is just the service attached to the process.)

Designer: Kenal Louis

Logo Design and Branding Services: Professional Logo Design Service
A Passion Driven Logo Designer

I am very passionate about art and design. Everything I create I produce from a very meticulous approach and pay attention to detail.

If you are looking for the best logo designer to complete your project, I am your guy.

There is  not a vision I cannot bring to life though art or design. However, in the case after our consultation if I could not complete a project beforehand I will let you know that way no time is wasted and you can look for another designer. 

A Comprehensive and Thoughtfully Crafted Logo Design Experience

Branding Design Services
Logo Graphic Design Services

My Top 5 Values In Design and Care

  • Clear Communication

  • Experienced Skill Imprint

  • Quality Client Service
  • Intuitive Design Compositions 
  • Thoughtful Planned Execution
  1. We will have clear communication through phone calls to review previews provides throughout the process, 15-30 minute zoom video screen share meetings as needed, and email communication I will effectively accomplish the client’s dream design for their brand.
  2. The skills I have learned and gained through my experience will be applied in the process as well as used to bring the design for the logo to life.
  3. I pride myself on being honest, transparent, and understanding. I believe this will lead to great client and designer interaction. A model example of excellent customer service 1-on-1.
  4. Intuition is also developed over time. As part of my experience, I’ve learned to discern and understand what clients want to accomplish visually with confidence. The prototype and final logo design created reflect that in an intuitive manner.
  5. Thoughtfulness will be a part of the entire process as each phase and step is carefully planned and executed for a tailored personal experience.

My Creative Workspace

I am surrounded by creativity and inspiration to be imaginative daily.

Professional Logo Design Service: Logo Design and Branding Services

Examples of My Attention To Detail In Digital Paintings I've Created
Portrait Illustration
Digital Painting Illustration

Limitless Creative Freedom

Visceral Vow - Wedding Videography Logo Design
Logo Design Service

My Four-Step Logo Design Matrix Process

  • Personify Brand Vision
  • Develop Logo Design & Prototype Concepts
  • Create Brand Guide for Logo Use
  • Finalize Brand Presentation

Benefits of choosing Me As Your Logo Designer

  1. You Own Unlimited Exclusive Rights To The Designs 
  2. Clear and Open Communication 1-on-1 Throughout Process
  3. Quality Designs Composed From My Skills Acquired Over 10 Years
  4. Guide Book With Examples on How To Utilize The Logo
  5. Unlimited Revisions To Explore A Variety of Possibilities
  6. No Hidden or Additional Fees Pertaining To The Logo Project
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Logo Design and Branding Services: Professional Logo Design Service