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Are you looking for a creative graphic designer fore hire to take on your project?

My name is Kenal Louis, I am a freelance graphic designer and digital illustrator who can help you bring your vision to life visually through design and art.

With over 10+ years working with clients I've created wedding invitations to music promotional campaigns for musicians and more.

Also, below you will see some of my designs and illustrations. Feel free to continue reading or visit the logo design portfolio and get in touch if you want to discuss starting a logo design project.

Kenal Louis - Graphic Design and Artist
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Fashion illustration for leasure wear
Modern Fashion Illustration

Why you need a freelance graphic designer on speed dial

If you’re a business person or someone with a brand to promote, then it’s very likely that you’ll be needing the services of a graphics designer- from time to time.

 In fact, in this time of digital marketing of all sorts, the type of services you get from your graphic designer, could significantly enhance (or reduce) your prospects before existing clients and leads. Truly, graphic impressions matter a lot, and if you’re still thinking anything goes, then you probably don’t know how much you’re missing.

Menu Graphic Design

Restaurant Flyer Design | Haitian Cuisine Flyer Design

Now, you may not have thought about it before, but getting a freelance graphic designer on speed dial, may just be one of the best decisions you can make for your growing business.

Many times, people think the best thing to do is hire a graphics designer agency, and they go on to do this- without even weighing the options to see which one is best for them.

While a graphics design company services are not necessarily a bad idea for your business, there are also the exciting things to know about hiring a freelance graphics designer.

The advantages of hiring a freelance graphic designer on speed dial

Wedding Flyer Design | Wedding Invitation Postcard Design

The following are some five reasons why you need a freelance graphic designer on speed dial:

Graphic Designer For Hire | Wedding Invitation Design
  • A freelance graphic designer have the reviews and expertise you can trust

Usually, before hiring either a graphics design company or a freelance service provider, you should check their reviews and client comments.

Now, while the reviews are generally helpful and important, you’ll discover that the freelancer’s reviews are more reliable, than those of an established company.

For most times than not, the good reviews and comments on a freelancer’s work, are truly deserving and you can count on them to replicate the same quality and expertise.

This is however not certain with the company, as they may swap staff members and you’re not always guaranteed of getting your work done by the best of the staff.

  • Relatively reduced costs on graphic design projects

This is probably one of the most important reasons why a freelance graphics designer on speed dial, is of some advantage. There are a number of reasons why the charges and fees demanded by a freelancer, would be relatively less than what the graphic design company would demand.

Now, these charges doesn’t necessarily have to do with the quality of services delivered, as a creative graphic designer may deliver the same job quality at a less price.

One factor to consider is the fact that operational costs of the company you’re employing would affect the prices you’ll have to pay. For instance, the graphic design company has office and management costs to bear, and it’s normal to allow this influence the charges on customers.

Freelance graphic designers on another hand, have relatively less expenses to attend to- so they don’t have to charge you more.

Custom T-shirt Designer
Custom T-shirt Designer
  • Freelancer graphic designers on speed dial are more likely to deliver promptly

This is a top reason why you should consider freelance graphic designers, over a company. Unlike the company that may have too many procedures and requirements that you must fulfil before they get down to do your work, a freelancer would most times not put you through all of that. For this, your best bet in times of emergency, are most likely the freelancer graphic designers.

  • The freelance graphic designer values your reviews more

Sometimes, the big companies may not bother much if a client gave them a one star rating- since its just one client from their pool of clients. This is less likely to with the freelance designer, as they’re mire likely to value every singular good review they can get. In view of this, they would most likely put all the best efforts to making sure your job turns out the way you want it. This might mean going some little extra mile, which you may not get with a company service provider.

  • Brings new innovations to your work

Although a company service provider could also be all out in pleasing you, observations have shown that the freelance service provider has the likelihood of doing it more.

Impressive innovations are one thing you would appreciate on your designs, and this could make you come back for more, right? The freelance graphic designer has what it takes to achieve this, more than a company with many paid staff.

Before settling down for a graphics designer for your business, it is important to examine the options well. Ultimately however, it is important that your final decisions are based on the peculiarities of your own business, and how each of the option affects you.

Custom T-shirt Design & Photomontage Design
Custom T-shirt Designer
Graphic Designer For Hire

Graphic Designer For Hire | Photomontage Design

Brand Logo Designs | Identity Logo Design

Two logo design concepts created for past clients. Many more can be viewed in my graphic design portfolio.

Best Graphic Design Portfolio - Hair Profucts Logo Design
Junk Removal Logo

Digital Illustration Design | Digital Design

Movie Poster Design Art
musician album cover design

Content Last Updated: September 6, 2019

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