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What Makes a 5-Star Logo Design Service? The value and aspects that come with a great identity logo design company. Quality, design principles, the experience, and professionality all matter in the process of a love design development.

Typeface, Colors, Purpose

From the typeface and font size to color and shapes selected for design, there are so many options involved when creating a company logo. Even experienced designers may (or rather, should) take their time to decide what’s the best combination of them all. 

Many business owners don’t find themselves comfortable using Adobe Illustrator or other professional logo making software. So, instead they turn to a brand developer or graphic designer to get the job done.

A logo doesn’t have to be complex. It just needs to be right, unique, and capable of representing your company in an ocean of competitors. A lot of such service can build a good-looking logo.

Much fewer are skillful enough to produce an ideal one, befitting the visions and story of your company. Choosing the right design service, like creating a logo, must be done in careful manner. Here are some things to consider.

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5 Star Logo Design: What Makes a 5-Star Logo Design Service?

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Qualities of Service

The way a design service responds to your inquiry, communicates their ideas, takes constructive feedback, and generally presents themselves during a conversation or meeting says a lot about their quality.

Business professionalism involves trustworthiness, attention to details, time management, and communication skills. You should sense quality throughout the whole process from the initial email inquiry to the after-sales support.

To be able to create a logo that works well, the process has to start with an open discussion. You provide them with all the information they need to aid them in choosing brand colors, size, background, text, timeframe, company history, and budget.

It is important to describe the design constraint too. Otherwise, the creativity can go wild and sway too far from your expectation, resulting in slow progress. Good design service will return the favor in kind by explaining their own constraints which may include budget restrictions and workload.

Judging the quality of service from only the first few emails can be difficult, but true professionals will not mind having a lengthy discussion with clients. They will work together to find any work around to prioritize the project in question.

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Design Principles Followed

A major factor to determine whether a design service will deliver the logo you need is by digging deeper into their design process. While every professional has personal preferences on how to do it, the design process typically follows the same steps:

  • Discover: a creative brief in which client provides the designer with important information pertaining to desired logo style and budget.

  • Brand evaluation: some clients may not be able to articulate what they really want. Even if they are, designers still have to ask questions about brand identity related to company’s values. Knowing their target market, missions, products, etc. are all important.

    If a brand is a person, what kind of person the brand is? Is it youthful or mature, playful or sophisticated, economical or luxurious, unique or understated?

  • Research the industry: at this point, client and designer should already agree on the basics of the design. The next thing to do is to understand the industry.

    A research into the logos used by competitors or the dominating companies in the industry will give an insight into what works best for the business. This is also to avoid making a logo with overused elements or shapes.
5 Star Logo Design Process

  • Usage: client gives a list of marketing channels and branding tools in which the logo will be used. Some logos look best on billboard, while others are more suitable for online platforms. If a client wants to use it in all sorts of media, the designer will make the necessary adjustments in terms of complexity, shapes, and color schemes among others so that it looks perfect everywhere.
  • Designing: the actual design work is comprised of ideation or brainstorming, sketches, digitalization, and refinements based on client’s feedback before the final logo is ready.

Good designer will ask the client to get involved every step of the way.

Uniqueness and Professional Appeal

Designers’ portfolio is a good place to start looking for uniqueness and professional appeal of the logos they have created before. But portfolio alone is not always the best strategy.

Don’t be fooled by list of big name brands on the portfolio page; any designer can attach the logos of Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, or other massive corporations without any description at all to deceive potential clients.

It's unethical, but their goal is to get the client into thinking the designer is somehow related to those.

Ask the designer about the logos listed in the logo designer portfolio and what was the inspiration behind each. You want a logo for your company, so think about what is best for your business.

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Experience and Thoughts That Went Into the Project

If a logo maker asks a lot of questions about your brand, it does not necessarily mean you are dealing with an inexperienced designer.

More often than not, the opposite is true. Experienced designers know they need a lot of information to make the right logos. They don’t just sketch something up and wait for your responses.

Explore their websites and see if there are posts about their methodologies and thought process. Assuming such posts exist, much of the discussion would relate to the research portion of the job.

The client’s brand and the industry at large should be clearly defined before any visual designs are created.

Professional logo developers assign a significant amount of time during the research stage. While there is no typical timeframe – since every client has different needs and budgets – logo creation may take around 2 – 6 weeks.

This includes edits after submission, maybe more. When done properly, however, the result is a logo that you can use forever.

Personal Taste vs. Professional Necessity

Deciding on a very specific style of logo is a tricky proposition. A good sign of a 5-star logo design service is that the team works solely based on the information provided by the clients, setting subjective opinions aside throughout the entire process.

It is important to remember that the best design for the business may not satisfy your personal taste. Make it clear from the beginning how you want the designers to handle the job in the most objective manner possible, without interference from their personal style preferences and yours as well.

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