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The following brand design case study is of a junk removal company called Evergreen Junk Removal. Brand identity examples from my portfolio of clients I've had the opportunity to develop logos, marketing designs, and brand guides for. This is a branding design pro case study example.

Brand Colors for Junk Removal Brand

Brand Colors for Junk Removal Brand

Junk Removal Logo Designs

Junk Removal Logo Designs

The logo I created for Evergreen Junk Removal is part of a diverse logo design portfolio I've built over the years. It's beautiful to see how the company is growing their business and building their brand recognition with consistency in their designs as well as content for marketing.

Junk Removal Brand Website : Minimalist Design

Junk Removal Design Consistency

Junk Removal Brand Website Pages: Minimal Design with Conversion Focus

Junk Removal Website Design

Junk Removal Brand Marketing Design Examples

From pop-ups to join their email list for discounts and promos, flyers with incentives, email marketing, and the website Evergreen Junk Removal is definitely doing something consistently well to get their brand in front of more people.

Junk Removal Marketing Design

Junk Removal Brand Marketing Design Examples

More Brand Marketing Designs

Evergreen Junk Removal Brand Logo Design
Evergreen Junk Removal Brand Design
Evergreen Junk Removal Brand Logo Designs

Branding Presentation Examples Without The Brand Guide

branding presentation examples
branding presentation example

Content Last Updated: November 25, 2021

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