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Unlocking the Potential of Your Liquor Brand: A Beverage Branding Agency Case Study.

Alcohol Beverage Branding Agency

Do you have an extraordinary alcoholic liquor that you have no doubt will do well in the beverage market? Yet, despite its unique flavor and excellent reviews, you need help to stand apart in an oversaturated industry. 

Welcome to the world of beverage brands—a challenging yet incredibly rewarding landscape where powerful branding is as crucial as the quality of your product. People's perception heavily influences their decisions to buy.

In this beverage branding agency case study, we'll dive deep into our journey with Pha5e, an organic, adventurous, and luxurious liquor brand. 

With over 10 years of expertise in the field as a brand designer, I (Kenal Louis), have built an online presence you can trust. Our client reviews, and video testimonials can vouch for the quality and trustworthiness of Branding Design Pro's work.

Beverage Branding and Logo Design

Brand Name: Pha5e
Sub-Niche: Alcohol Beverage Liquor

Brand Colors: Lavender Violet and Cyan
Audience Gender: Men and Women, 21-45

Defining the Brand Persona and Consumer Personalities

Primary Archetype: Adventurer

The Adventurer persona seeks new experiences and dares to explore the unknown.

Secondary Archetype: Creative

With a secondary creative archetype, Pha5e invites you to think outside the box, experiment, and see the world through different lenses.

Pha5e pronounced same as "Phase" is an Adventurer liquor brand. 

Liquor Logo Design

Liquor Logo Design

Defining the Beverage Brand Persona: Pha5e

Pha5e is not just another alcoholic beverage; it's a lifestyle. Designed for men and women aged 21-45, Pha5e encourages consumers to embrace the adventurer within while fueling their creative spirits.

Beverage Branding Agency Case Study

Lavender Violet

CMYK COLOR CODE: 49, 79, 0, 0

RGB COLOR CODE: 191, 37, 255


Tone of Cyan

CMYK COLOR CODE: 9, 99, 22, 0

RGB COLOR CODE: 219, 24, 118


Matching Brand Assets to the Persona

To bring Pha5e to life, we focused on a range of brand assets:

Brand Logo

Inspired by the adventurous and creative archetypes, we designed a timeless and rich logo that echoes the luxurious nature of the brand. We incorporated color psychology, using Lavender Violet and Cyan to give off a calming yet invigorating vibe. For more on how colors and shapes influence brand identity, explore our guide on colors and shapes.

3D Product Render for Package

Our 3D modeling portfolio showcases our knack for elevating brands through stunning, lifelike visualizations. For Pha5e, we developed a 3D product render that emphasized the bottle's luxurious design and the brand's adventurous spirit.

Product Catalog Visualization

In a crowded market, it's not just your product but how you present it that counts. Our product catalog aimed to be as organic and adventurous as the brand.

Product Packaging

The 750ml containers were enveloped in a wrapping label that embodied Pha5e's rich, timeless persona. The packaging was more than just a protective cover; it was a tactile introduction to what the brand represents.

Liquor Branding Label
3D Bottle Model: 3D Visualizing 
Pha5e render 5 workbench
alcohol branding and logo ideas
Branding Design for the Beverage Brand: Pha5e
Pha5e render 4 workbench
Alcohol Beverage Branding Design

Beverage Branding Agency Project

List of Points That Will Aid You in Defining Your Brand Audience
  • Core Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Consumer Personality
  • Brand Message
  • Consumer Traits
  • Voice of Brand
  • Brand Mission
  • Color Theory Psychology
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Age Range
  • Brand Affinity
  • Audience Location

How do you create a brand package that stands apart on the shelves you beverage will be sold next to? It is not an easy goal to accomplish, much creativity and imagination is require with a dose of professionalism.

Alcohol Beverage Branding Agency
Beverage Logo Ideas Series: Design Concept 3
Liquor Beverage Branding
Liquor Beverage Branding Design


Associated words used for the inspiration and development of the design direction according to the owner's vision for the brand visually.





Liquor Beverage Branding Designer
alcohol branding and logo

Why Choose Us for Your Beverage Branding Needs?

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The Beverage Branding Agency Case Study Takeaways

Branding is about crafting a story that your audience can resonate with. It goes beyond logos and packaging to infuse your product with a compelling narrative. Our work with Pha5e exemplifies how a well-thought-out branding strategy can uplift an exceptional product into a market leader.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? 

Contact us to begin a partnership grounded in expertise, experience, authority, and trust. Because at the end of the day, we're not just designers; we're storytellers, and we can't wait to help tell your story.

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The Most Beautiful Beverage Brand Design: A Beverage Branding Agency Project

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